Harmful Contaminants in Omega Supplements

//Harmful Contaminants in Omega Supplements

Fish oil PCB levels subject of lawsuit:

SAN FRANCISCO, March 2, 2010 (UPI) — Makers and sellers of fish oil supplements were sued in California for not including labeling about PCB contamination, a plaintiff’s attorney said Tuesday.

Consumers who want the health benefits of fish oil shouldn’t also have to take the health risks of an extremely toxic man-made chemical,” attorney David Roe said in a release. “And they don’t have to, since preliminary test results show that some fish oil brands have only 1/70th as much PCB contamination in them as others.”

The lawsuit contends the eight makers and sellers of fish oil, shark oil, fish liver oil and shark liver oil peddled as supplements have polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination above the “safe-harbor” limits set for human PCB consumption under California’s Proposition 65, which requires a warning label for consumers.

“The industry knows very well about the PCB problem in fish oils and widely markets its supplements as already treated for PCB contamination,” said Benson Chiles, a plaintiff in the case. “They have no excuse for what we’ve been finding.”

The defendants are CVS Pharmacy Inc., General Nutrition Corp., Now Health Group Inc., Omega Protein Inc.. Pharmavite LLC, Rite Aid Corp., Solgar Inc. and TwinLab Corp.

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There was a lawsuit filed against a number of brands (not Shaklee) that raised some concerns, brands that used cod liver oil. There are NO safety issues with Shaklee’s OmegaGuard.

We use pharmaceutical grade fish oil, we use a molecular distillation process to remove contaminants like dioxins, mercury and PCB’s. Here’s the rest of the scoop.

Shaklee’s fish oil comes from highly purified whole fish –not from the liver of cod or shark (which the brands in the lawsuit used) which tend to accumulate these harmful compounds.

Shaklee helped create a monograph to establish the standard for quality and purity, including defining the limits for contaminants including dioxin, PCB’s, lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.


Ultrapure and Pharmaceutical Grade:

OmegaGuard is made with a proprietary, triple molecular distillation process that concentrates the natural beneficial omega-3 fatty acids while removing harmful compounds like mercury and lead that are found in many types of fish.

World’s Finest Fish Oil:

Contains a full spectrum of seven naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids: EPA, DHA, ALA, and more. EPA benefits your heart and joints, while DHA is critical for brain development and function.*

* Helps reduce the risk of heart disease†
* Ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade, triple molecular distillation
* World’s finest fish oil with full spectrum potency of seven omega-3s

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