Happy Holidays Discounts

//Happy Holidays Discounts

Hello Friends!

Excitement is in the air as Christmas is right around the corner!  ‘Tis the season for giving, and we think believe the gift of health is an incredible gift!  Don’t let your health take a “back seat” over the holidays!   This is a great time for you or someone you love to try out something new.

Holiday Suggestions:

Vitalizer—a 30 day supply of 80 different vitamins and minerals in handy strips

Hand and Body Lotion—Keep your skin moisturized this winter with this all-natural, soothing lotion

Shaklee 180—Start your New Year’s Resolution early; lose fat and inches on this revolutionary inch loss program

Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea—Snuggle up to a Christmas movie with a glass of hot tea, or great for when you are on the go doing your Christmas shopping

Shaklee 180 Snack Bars—Take this snack wherever you go this holiday season to keep fueled!

Stress Relief Complex—Relieve holiday stress with this herbal formula

Joint and Muscle Pain Cream—Tired muscles will thank you for using this soothing cream

Basic H2 Cleaner and 3 Pack Bottles—Help a loved one get the toxic cleaners out of their home

Contact us today for your discount! Members can check out these and others products by logging in to them member center with your ID# at www.myshaklee.com. All non-members click here!

**Contact us if you are interested in getting an on-going extra 10% off your orders.

Blessings to you all!


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