Great Juice for Daniel Fast

//Great Juice for Daniel Fast

We have been doing a “Daniel Fast” and we made this juice this morning. It was phenomenal!   We have a BlendTech (similar to a VitaMix) so we are able to just throw everything in the blender and press ‘Juice’ and we get all the nutrients and fiber from the fruits and veggies.  Can’t get much easier than that!!  Just throw it in and push a button!

Orange Explosion

  • 2 Large Oranges (seeds are fine! They’ll blend up!)
  • 2 cups grapes
  • 1 cup Fresh Pineapple (or 1/2 can pineapple)
  • 2 large Organic Carrots
  • 6-8 cubes Ice (optional)

Makes 5 cups in a Blendtech

To make it more like a smoothies you can add protein.  I have my 180 Smoothee every day so I enjoy doing a whole fruit/veggie juice every now and then!!

Optional: add 1-2 Tbsp Shaklee Instant Protein Mix (this is flavorless and unsweetened. You can use vanilla protein, but I find it too sweet!)


  • Do you juice the orange with the peel?


    Candace Collins 12.02.2012
    • Candace, I haven’t actually used the peel yet. I take off the peel and throw in the orange, seeds and all with all the pulp stuff on it, but that’s it. Have you used the peel? Let me know how that is! I tend to take some of that off if it’s not organic. the peel is where the pesticides oftentimes lie so I’d rather do without the extra fiber it may give to eliminate toxins it may put in my body. Trade off I guess!

  • I’m a fairly new Shaklee user and distrubutor. I would love to know your recipe for your morning smoothie with Cinch.


    Kristen Young 15.03.2012
    • Hey Kristen have you gone to and downloaded the free ’16 Ways to Jazz Up Your Cinch Shake” pdf? It’s awesome! But my basic shake is just 8 oz Get Clean water or coconut milk (or almond) and protein. I like to add Kale or spinach to the chocolate or strawberries, peaches or 1/2 frozen banana to the vanilla. I love the latte plain. They are all great plain! I add 4 cubes of ice and that’s it! Pretty simple. You can add PB to the chocolate too! hope you enjoy!

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