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Shaklee Gift Ideas for any Occasion

1. Child: Stuffed Bear, New Concept Organic Dentifrice Toothpaste & and a tooth brush

2. Mom: Slippers & Herbal Blend Multi Purpose Cream 

3. Family: Set of bath towels or rags & Fresh Laundry Concentrate & Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets 

4. Family: Set of bath towels or rags and Enfuselle Shower Gel or Meadow Blend Soap FREE Cleansing Bar & Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion

5. Man: Bucket filled with Car Magazine, Basic-H2 Organic Concentrate, & Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste (for the chrome)

6. Gardner: Gardening hat, Cotton gloves, Performance (Orange or Lemon Lime), & Basic-H2 Organic Concentrate (to put on plants and use as mosquito repellent)

7. Sister-in-law: Bag of Nuts, Shaklee Vita-Lea w/ Iron, & Box of Assorted Shaklee 180 Snack Bars 

8. Family: Set of glasses with Shaklee 180 Energy Teas (Pomegranate or Green Tea) 

9. Man or Woman: Hair brush and comb and a ProSante’ Hair Care System

10. Family or Friends: Christmas wreath or bouquet of flowers and a GetClean Starter Kit

11. Child: Bath Tub toy,  Gentle Wash, Soothing Lotion, & Massage Oil

12. Neighbor: Jar of honey & Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream or Shaklee Sun Screen SPF 30

13. Teenager: Favorite CD, Vita-Lea & Meal Shake (French Vanilla or Bavarian Cocoa) & Shaklee Whizzer or Shaklee Shaker Cup 

14. Anyone:
Soft Rags, Enfuselle Face Cleanser, Acne Clarifying Complex

15. Athlete: Football or Soccer Ball or a Sports Bottle and Performance Drink Mix (Orange or Lemon Lime), Shaklee 180 Snack Bars, and Joint & Muscle Pain Cream 

16. Mom: Hand Wash Concentrate and Hand & Body Lotion (for all skin types) 

17. Golfer: Golf Balls and gloves, Enfuselle Sun Screen SPF 30, Enfuselle Lip Conditioner, Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon Lime) 

18. Woman: Makeup mirror & Enfuselle Anti-Aging skin treatment collection (Normail to Dry or Normal to Oily)

19. Baby: Pair of baby shoes or a soft baby blanket ShakleeBaby Multivitamin Multimineral Powder or Gentle Wash & Soothing Lotion & Massage Oil 

20. Hard-Working Man or Woman: Soft music Cd, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, and a Massage Tool (rolling ball or stick)

21. New Year’s Resolution: To start the year off right, give a nice calendar and a Shaklee 180 Starter Kit

22. Anyone: Shaklee 180 Chocolate Smoothee Mix for hot chocolate, warm hat and gloves or scarf

23. For Energy: Core Energy, B-Complex, & Shaklee 180 Energy Teas 

24. Man or Teenager: DVD and box of Shaklee 180 Snack Bars or Meal-In-A-Bars

25. Wedding: New Dish Rags & GetClean Kitchen Mini Kit

 On a Budget Ideas

1. Tea Time: In a coffee mug or tea cup, fill with toille, wrap 3-4 Shaklee 180 Energy Tea Sticks with a ribbon or raffia, and add cinnamon sticks and/or a phone card.  Another idea is to give a glass with 180 Tea sticks wrapped, plus an ice tray and lemons.

2. Trim & Fit: In a Shaklee 180 Shaker Cup add a 180 Smoothee Mix Packet (any flavor), a 180 Snack Bar, and two 180 Energy Tea Sticks

3. Massage Time: Joint & Muscle Pain Cream and a Massage tool (rolling ball or stick

4. Bath Time: Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar with a Loofa sponge

5. Reading Time: 2 Chocolate Decadence Shaklee 180 Snack Bars wrapped with ribbon and a book

6. Snack Time: HealthyOates Energy Bars (made with any type Shaklee Protein) wrapped on a plate with ribbon and attach recipe.

7. Winter Time: Two Shaklee 180 Chocolate Smoothee Packets, gloves, scarf, and hat

8. Pampering Time: Enfuselle Face Cleanser with Soft Rag 

10 Great Stocking Stuff-ers For Under $10:

1. 2 Shaklee 180 Snack Bars (any flavor) or a 180 Meal-In-A-Bar wrapped in see-through colorful net or cellophane paper tied with a ribbon.

2. Shaklee Lip Treatment. Only $6.70!

3. Keep Immunity high with new Shaklee VitaD3! Only $7.95!

4. Keep chapped hands dry with Shaklee Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose CreamOnly $7.75!

5. Every woman needs this!!  Enfuselle Eye Makeup Remover. non-greasy and REALLY Works!! I love this stuff! Only $8.50.  Give with a small makeup bag, cotton balls, or a fancy make-up mirror.

6. Dentifrice toothpaste with a cute toothbrush. Only $6.90!

7. Soap Free Cleansing Bar with a pretty soap dish. Only $6.90!

8. For immune and metabolic function, hormone help, and digestive responses give Zinc Complex and give health! Only $6.10!

9. For the kids stocking, give a Fiber Advantage Chewy Apple Cinnamon Bar.  Each bar is about $2.

10. For those tough kitchen jobs or the man who wants to get bugs off the chrome when he is washing his car, give Shaklee Scour Off. Only $7.25.

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  • Great suggestions! I have purchased several items as stocking stuffers and gifts. What a great gift, the gift of health!

    Heidi 16.12.2010
    • Thanks girl! Glad you found it helpful!! I LOVE to give gifts that mean something and will help the person!

  • I love your gift ideas …. Thank you for putting this together!! There is just something for everyone!


    Lana 01.08.2012
  • Thanks! These are some really good ideas.
    (I actually found this page post when I searched your site for hot cocoa!) 🙂


    Chris 10.12.2012
  • Would you send me your Health Story, Jenni? Have a friend in Michigan who is quite ill from Fibromyalgia. She is going through a Shaklee process and hearing a success story will encourage her during these healing days.

    Perhaps a 3-way call after she assimilates your story may be the next step in a couple of weeks.
    It is great to see all the things you are doing to help others get more healthy. Burst takes a lot….of effort! Yet doing IT while I grow stronger.
    Joanne in His Service

    Joanne and Dan Webb 15.04.2013
    • Hi Joanne! I do have a story on Fibromyalgia if you will type that into the Search box on our blog it will bring it up. She can read through that and I hope she finds it encouraging. I really detail my journey and what I did to get through to the other side!

      njadmin 10.05.2013

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