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We all make them.  In the moment, we convince ourselves that our excuse is a really good ‘reason’.  But all-too-often, these reasons are just attempts at explaining or justifying our choice to avoid responsibility.


When it comes to exercise, there seem to be 3 main excuses that hinder us from achieving the level of fitness we need and desire:


  1. Not enough time.
  2. Not enough energy.
  3. Not enough motivation.


Burst training with BURSTClub effectively removes the obstacle of these 3 excuses.  How so?


Not enough time.


With the efficiency of burst training, all you need is a little time!  High intensity, short duration; that’s the key to getting maximum results.  BURSTClub already has the workouts designed for you!  Just watch the 25-30-second exercise demonstrations; then burst along with the BURSTTraxx music, synced to make your workout even more convenient!


Not enough energy.


Sometimes you have to give energy to get energy…use energy to receive energy.  That’s the case with exercise.  Because burst training is high intensity, the short bursts energize and put pep in your step.  Try it and see!  No doubt you’ll feel better about yourself and more energized too!


Not enough motivation.


Some days we all need a little extra motivation.  BURSTTraxx custom music is like having a coach to motivate you throughout the duration of your warm-up, workout, and cool-down.  Plus, you can add a spouse or buddy to your member account and keep each other inspired!


By burst training with BURSTClub, you’ll have plenty of time, energy, and motivation to get the job done!


No more excuses!


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