Frustrated, Injured Runner Revived by BURST Training!

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Coming from a long distance runner, my body had gotten really worn out. Lots of injuries. After I hit 36 I could run 10 miles and my weight wouldn’t change.

What burst has done is a trigger shift in my metabolism.

As an NC AA athlete, believing I had to work out for hours to see any benefit, I’d gotten to a place where I took a year off after I got hurt running.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t do a 5am run with my friends anymore and still be happy for my husband in the evening.

I’m a busy mom and travel all the time.

BURSTClub has created ease and I can get it done no matter where I am.  It’s eliminated all excuses for exercise.

I’ve not been able to get the last 10 pounds off for the last 10 years.  I’ve changed my eating, making smarter choices, and using an exercise program that will shift my metabolism to burning fat.  I’ve incorporated these BURST training workouts several times a week.  I met BURSTClub at a time when I had my toe in the water.  There is no toe in the water for me anymore because all of my excuses are gone!

–Jennifer R, California

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