Frozen Shoulder

//Frozen Shoulder

“A couple years ago my husband had a frozen shoulder.  He had lost cartilage in his shoulder/arm joint.  His arm was ‘frozen’ so he couldn’t move it very well.  …he couldn’t brush his hair, touch under the left arm, or play the guitar.  It was terribly inflamed and very sensitive to touch.  The doctor prescribed 4-6 weeks of anti-inflammatories.  None of them worked.  At that point, my husband was willing to try Shaklee.

After one week of taking 20-30 Alfalfa a day, the inflammation was gone.  He then went through two rounds of physical therapy.  His therapist said he wouldn’t gain any more range of motion – he was at about 80% – and could lose it if he didn’t keep up the exercises.

Joint Health Complex became available the same time his therapy ended.  He began using it and did NO exercises.  Three months later he found he had gained an additional 10-15% range of motion.  Once he saw the benefits of Shaklee nutrition, he began a daily program of: 20-30 Alfalfa, 6-8 GLA, 6-8  Omega GuardVita-Lea, Soy Protein, and 3 Joint Health Complex.

Several years before my husband’s experience, our son had a broken ankle and had lost bone and cartilage there.  Doctors told him nothing would help his ankle, he’d always have arthritis in it and would have a slight limp.  When he saw how the Joint Health Complex helped his dad, he was willing to try it.  After one month, he saw a slight improvement – he wasn’t as stiff when he first got up in the morning.  At two months, he saw even more improvement.  Now he won’t be without it.  He barely limps, unless he’s been on his feet for a long period or has carried a lot of weight that day.  He can actually run and his ankle doesn’t throb afterward, as was the case before.”

— Donna

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The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.

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