From Size 8 to a Size 2

//From Size 8 to a Size 2

I am so proud of my friend Heather for her great achievement!  After having two kids she has been able to do what so many women want, but feel stuck or helpless to actually do…lose the baby weight.  It’s not an easy thing to have your body yo-yo back and forth after multiple children.  There is hope if you are someone who has tried everything and it just hasn’t worked.

I was running 13 miles a day after my 4th and couldn’t lose the last 15-20 lbs. I was afraid it was never coming off!! But then I heard about Shaklee 180, just like Heather, and followed the plan. A few months later, I was in better shape then I’d ever been in!  Your health and body don’t have to go down the tube after babies!  These are supposed to be the best years of your life and oftentimes they are clouded with low self-confidence because of our figure.

I combined this amazing Inch Loss program with’s 3 minute workouts. These workouts have completely changed the way I think about fitness and have given me results when time is the issue!!

Whether you have had children or not, male or female, young or old, I hope Heather’s story encourages you as we head into 2012 that YOU CAN DO THIS!!  You are not alone – many others are on the journey with you! We’ve seen it work with 100s of friends and the best part is the results are lasting! No yo-yo dieting…no losing the weight and gaining it right back.

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“Prior to starting this program, I was 143lbs, in a size 8, and miserable about my weight. My days consisted of endless feeling of fatigue and frustration.  The simple act of getting dressed each day was a big hassle that always resulted in my entire wardrobe thrown all over my bed and me complaining that nothing I owned fit or looked right.

After getting started on Shaklee 180, Vitalizer, and workouts, I quickly noticed a remarkable difference in both my energy level and mood.  Fast forward several months and I was down to 113lbs and wearing a size 2! I never dreamed that I could even be that size, especially after having two kids. Now my daily dilemma is what to wear because I have so many options as a result of the new found confidence I’ve gained.  I’m so thankful that a dear friend introduced me to this amazing program! As I approach my 30th birthday I’m embracing a new era in my life… an era that starts with me feeling better than ever!

If you want to gain confidence, feel better about yourself, have more energy, and kick fatigue to the curb forever, I highly recommend you start Shaklee 180 and now!”

Heather – New Jersey


We want to help you achieve your health, weight loss, or fitness goals in 2012 with a simple, proven plan. Message us at if you are serious and ready to get started!

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