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After our other post on vitamins to take during pregnancy, we have been asked what vitamins are absolutely essential if you are on a tight budget.  I have a couple of recommendations for what you ABSOLUTELY need but won’t cost you a ton. My first recommendation if you want to know the BEST thing to get you and your baby is what I posted in our earlier blog: Shaklee Vitalizer, Shaklee Protein, and a few of the extras I’ve listed below. The below list is a break down of some of the most vital nutrients (that are included in the Vitalizer, but that can be bought separately).

1. Protein-everything you do while making a baby and nursing is involving protein. Protein is the foundation of our cells! Shaklee’s protein has all the amino acids, but includes the key 9 essential one that your body CAN NOT produce on it’s own. You must have these 9 daily for your body to manufacture the other 14. If you don’t get the 9, you don’t get all the other 14!  So your body is not operating at maximum capacity for everything involving protein (immune function, digestion, cell formation, hormone production, etc.). When you are pregnant, every cell in the baby that is forming involves protein. Therefore, if you are not getting a source that has all the essential amino acids, the forming baby (or nursing baby) will suck the protein from YOU!
2. Vita-Lea w/ Iron–This multi is an activator of new cells (it is included in the Vitalizer 30 day supply pack, but you can buy it individually as well). It is whole, concentrated food grown organically. It is proven to increase bone density. Has no added preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. 100% of RDA of biotin.  Makes protein more efficient with 29 vitamins and minerals to activate body cells to rebuild and be strong and healthy.
3. Sustained Release Vitamin C-Sustained to release over 6 hours. Like eating 1 1/2 oranges every hour for 6 hours. You would have to eat 7 1/2 oranges to get the vitamin C equivalent to that found in 1 Sustained Release Vitamin C.  Oranges cost approximately 39 cents each. (39 cents x 7.5 = $2.93). One Vitamin C costs 19 cents!  Helps to build connective tissue, collagen, is a natural antihistamine, an anti-stress and antioxidant vitamin, builds red blood cells, prevents colds, infections, and varicose spider veins.
4. Herb-Lax–Cleanses lymph glands, the blood stream and digestive tract (cleansing the walls of the intestines where many illnesses begin).  Stimulates bile flow in the liver without killing bacteria.  Promotes regularity without a fatigue reaction, preventing hemorrhoids. A lot of toxemia or other pregnancy ailments come from a colon that is toxic.  Furthermore, your colon is the receptor cite for ALL of the nutrients in your body. If you do not keep it clear your body can not absorb the good vitamins that your are putting in it! This product, by FDA standards, HAS to put on the label that you need to ask a health care practitioner about it if you are pregnant or nursing. This is not because Shaklee does not think it is safe or effective for pregnant or nursing mothers. This is due to the fact that the FDA has standards on what is considered “normal” for pregnant/nursing mothers to consume. I, as well as thousands of other women, took this all throughout pregnancy and post because of the incredible health benefits listed above. If you need a more thorough explanation, I have some stuff I can can send you on this.
If you have the money to get the Vitalizer, Protein, and HerbLax that is the best option. If not, the above four are my recommendation. The vitamins will last a couple of months. The protein is a one month supply.

Extras I would suggest if you have the money (but don’t want to do the Vitalizer, which I think is the BEST option):

1. B-Complex–Helps regulates the nerves and reduces the effects of stress. Metabolizes fat and protein. Aids in healthy hair, skin, eyes, mouth and liver (for you AND the baby!). Folic acid is a crucial B vitamin for the proper formation of the baby’s spine. Spina Bifida is a tragic disease that occurs in babies who are deficient of this crucial B vitamin. Shaklee’s B-Complex is coated in Folic Acid to ensure your body gets it right away! With many other brands, your body can not access the folic acid inside the vitmain in time or it is from a synthetic source.
2. OsteoMatrix–This is a combination of Calcium and Magnesium.  Crucial for proper formation of bones and teeth. Our protein promotes this as well, but this is a  more specific and concentrated amount. Cal/Mag also helps headaches, relax muscles, helps with cramps, muscle spasms, backaches, and menstrual pain. It is essential for clotting of blood. I used this (or the chewable Calcium) a lot during pregnancy for heartburn. It would take it aways within 15 minutes!
You can go on our website,, to find these products.  We look forward to helping you!

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