Early Breast Development in Young Girls

//Early Breast Development in Young Girls

This blog is a copy of a friend’s response in regards to early physical development in girls and what to do to counter it.  Girls are developing younger and younger and starting their periods at early ages. Is there anything that can be done?  Read on…

From a concerned mother:

“We have been trying to deal with a problem in our 8 year old daughter. For the past 6 or 7 months, we have been noticing that she is developing “breasts”. We have used only organic (hormone free milk and butter), we have watched her diet, but we have not seen any slowing or reversal in this problem. Do you have any suggestions about what we can do to try to keep this problem in check? We want to avoid having her grow up way too soon. Thank you for your help!!”

Response from Shaklee Key Coordinator, Stan Pulliam:

“Actually, it is not unusual these days for breasts to begin to develop and even to begin having a period as early as 7 years old, because our whole culture has become so saturated with estrogenic compounds. It is good to use hormone-free milk, but I would also try to eliminate her exposure to meat unless you are absolutely sure it is free-range and hormone free. That would be a much greater concern than the milk. Of course, for all sorts of health reasons, I am a strong proponent of a primarily plant-based diet and using meat only as a flavoring or more like a condiment — never, or extremely rarely, as the main course.

Another common place of strong exposure to estrogenic compounds is bug spray — homes sprayed by exterminators or schools where children go that are regularly sprayed by exterminators. Never, ever sign a contract with an exterminator and use canned bug spray only very occasionally when absolutely needed.

Similarly, there can be significant exposure in rural communities near farms that are routinely sprayed with insecticides. Even very minute exposure from over-spray or just residual spray wafting through the air from farms in a rural community can have a significant impact on the body of a young lady with a body mass of just 50-70 pounds. Also, certain industrial plants may use strong estrogenic compounds in their processes, especially manufacturers of plastics of various kinds, and fumes from these plants may contain residual amounts of these compounds. Again, even very minute amounts of these compounds present in the air all around her can have a significant impact on the small body of a young lady.

Plastics in the home also can be a source of estrogenic compounds — especially those containing bisphenol A. You’ve probably seen information on the controversy surrounding the use of bisphenol A in plastics used for baby bottles, milk jugs, plastic utensils, the plastic lining inside a tin can, etc. Bisphenol A is also found in dental sealants used by the dentist to supposedly “protect” your child. Bisphenol A and similar estrogenic compounds are also found in some household cleaning products — one more very good reason to remove all such from your home and replace completely with Shaklee Get Clean products.

Then there is very strong exposure to estrogen-like, estrogen-related steroidal hormones in vaccines, anti-inflammatory drugs like Prednisone, and asthma inhalers. It may not be possible to totally eliminate exposure in our day, but I would (and we definitely did) seek to eliminate or at least limit exposure to all of the above.

This is one more very important reason why daily and consistent use of the Shaklee soy protein (either Energizing Soy or Shaklee 180 Smoothees) with your children (and yourself) is absolutely essential. Shaklee soy contains isoflavones which — contrary to a lot of ridiculous misinformation found all over the internet and from the mouths of “doctors” who don’t really know and are just parroting some other misinformed source — are very protective against exposure to strong estrogenic compounds.

Isoflavones are also sometimes called “phytoestrogens.” It is very important to understand that soy isoflavones ARE NOT estrogens, despite what people that don’t know what they are talking about might say. Isoflavones are called “phytoestrogens” because the shape of the molecule is so similar to estrogen that it is able to take up some of the same receptor sites on the cell (like a key in a lock). When soy isoflavones take up these receptor sites, it actually protects the cell from the strong adverse effects of estrogenic compounds that might otherwise have attached themselves to those sites. This is what the research actually shows. The ridiculous anti-soy misinformation that is being repeated and repeated by so many is mostly pure conjecture and is based on very thin evidence from test tube and upper-limits lab animal studies. In these lab rat studies, they had to inject the rats with a level of soy isoflavones equivalent to an adult human drinking 2000 servings of Shaklee soy protein per day (that’s a full serving every 45 seconds 24 hours a day) in order to achieve any adverse effect. No one could ever possibly consume that much. But those adverse effects have never been replicated in ANY human study.

And in fact, out of the hundreds and hundreds of human studies on none have ever demonstrated the claimed adverse effects — and the preponderance have shown the kind of protective effect I’ve described above.

So to help protect your daughter from the estrogenic saturation surrounding her in our modern culture,

  1. Make sure she is drinking her Shaklee soy protein every day
  2. Getting a good foundation of vitamins and minerals. I’d recommend more than just the 2 ShakleeKids Incredivites — at least 3-6 per day depending on size.
  3. Essential fatty acids are vital to proper hormone balance, so I would recommend the new ShakleeKids Mighty Smart as a good way to get essential fatty acids into her.
  4. Make sure you have eliminated all toxic cleaners and chemicals from your home and replaced them all with Get Clean for cleaning and Shaklee personal care for bathing and shampooing.
  5. Be sure to use only plastic bottles or containers that have the Recycling numbers #1, #2, #4, and #5 on them. These plastics do not contain bisphenol A.
  6. Avoid bug sprays and exposure to farm insecticides as much as possible. A Shaklee AirSource in your home would be very helpful in this regard.

I know you will anyway, but be sure you don’t give your daughter even the slightest indication that her breast development is a problem or an abnormality. Instead, as I know you will, always help her to feel beautiful and dress modestly.


  • Jenni, this was so helpful to me. Thank you!

    Deana 03.09.2009
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