Curious Kids

//Curious Kids

Don’t you love it when you leave your kids alone for a few minutes and then find them doing crazy things? At least this time it wasn’t something disastrous!

If your kids are curious and want to know how things work, let them…as long as they are not doing anything hazardous to their health!  This is how their creativity explodes!  With each child, we have progressively allowed them to explore life more.  It seems to have taken us multiple kids to reach the point of not freaking out over every little adventure our kids want to take!

It may surprise you what they can figure out how to do…even though they’ve never been taught!


  • Oh my goodness this movie just made my day!!! I think I just saw what’s in store for me… Asher had that look that Will gives me when he’s getting into something…. I can’t believe how he even knew which end to put into the sharpener… I think there were kids in my elementary classes who put the eraser end in and they are YEARS older… such a bright kid!!!

    Kelly 30.10.2009
    • That’s funny you say that! I didn’t even notice he was putting the right side in until I had watched it 3 times! 🙂 Somehow they figure things out!

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