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I’ve been doing burst club for 3.5 weeks now and I have to share with you what’s happened. First of all, I’m a 42 year old mother of 7 and grandmother. My youngest child is 10 yrs old. While I did lose the baby weight, I struggled to get back in shape. Since he was born I’ve tried a million (probably 4 or 5) different workouts trying to get some sort of shape back to my body besides floppy; which is a shape, just not the one I want. After working my butt off for 4-6 weeks, 5 days a week, I would be a little tighter – but never losing much in the way of inches- maybe up to 3 total.  Also, because I have to work so hard for such little result, I usually quit. So, normally, I don’t even bother to measure until I’ve been on something for 4 weeks.

BUT…after 3 weeks on BURSTClub™ my clothes were fitting so different I had to measure to see what was going on.

Results??  I measure my waist first because it’s my worst trouble area. Hmm, no difference. Figures. ugh. oh, Well, keep measuring. Arms are next- 1/2 inch off each arm. WHAT? I never lose off my arms…ever! Around the belly button- 1 inch- gone! Around the hips- 1 inch gone. I should celebrate, but I have no hips, so I never like to lose around them. I never measure my thighs, because I have very skinny legs and only hope to build them up, not lose. So, while I’m measuring, I realize – “Oh, I might as well measure my bra size because I’m going shopping later in the day for bras.” 1 in off my bust (NO MORE, PLEASE!) and, are you ready for this????  I decided to measure under the breasts, because it’s the only way to measure how much back fat you have, you know, if you have that problem (like I do).

And guess what?  4 inches GONE. I went from 35 inches to 31 inches. That’s crazy talk! Great results!

I love that the workouts are FAST! It takes no time at all and my endurance and muscle have increased. When I started, I could not get through the warm up without stopping. Now, it’s no problem. Thanks for all the time, resources and energy that went to this project.

–Joanne, Washington

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