Health Coaching

Most people struggle with their health because they lack a plan.  Maybe you’re like so many others who have made a decision to eat better or lose some weight and then you get derailed two weeks later.  You stare into your pantry or refrigerator at a loss for what to make for dinner, so you opt for order pizza…again.

Not having your health in order is like building a house on a cracked or broken foundation.  That house will not be able to stand very long with a faulty foundation.  Our bodies are not much different.  I know you’re reading this because you want to feel good, have energy again, and create a foundation of health in your body so that you can enjoy life and family for years to come.

Let Jenni coach you on how to design your life with a proven health plan that can fit into any busy schedule.  You will walk away empowered with numerous life-changing tools.


Personalized health consultation for areas of need


A simple nutrition guide with over 115 recipes


Walk through & makeover of your pantry & refrigerator


Supplement recommendations for you & family


Weekly meal plans based on your routine & lifestyle


Grocery guides, shopping lists, & on-the-go options

Transformation Coaching

No man likes feeling like a failure.  But when things start falling apart at home or at work, it can easily push the “failure button” and leave him feeling worthless.  In an attempt to deal with those feelings, men oftentimes develop unhealthy or destructive behavior patterns that are not serving themselves or their families well.   Ultimately, these negative behaviors and ways of dealing with life hurts wind up damaging relationships further.

It takes a real man to honestly face his current reality and be willing to courageously choose to do something about it.  Transformation Coaching with Nathan is a 10-week step-by-step process that will lead men who desire to grow personally, re-ignite lost vision, and break destructive behaviors on a journey of healing and life-change.

Over 10 weekly coaching calls, Nathan will guide you through content that will bring new awareness to what is limiting you from stepping into your greatest potential.  You will learn new, powerful ways of thinking as you address old, destructive beliefs.

You no longer have to allow your past experiences to continue to dictate what you will receive out of the future.  You have the power to change your current reality and design your future.  But it all starts with you.   You will receive premium support as Nathan coaches you through areas that may be limiting you so that you can break through and show up in life as the man you were created to be.


Reach your full potential; discover your true identity


Break free from limiting beliefs


Receive tools for addressing dysfunctional behaviors


Restore Hope in life, relationships, & career


Identify limiting beliefs and their roots


Regain confidence & vision in how you are designed