Chronic EAR, SINUS, & ALLERGY Problems

//Chronic EAR, SINUS, & ALLERGY Problems

Eliminating or reducing dairy will help with chronic ear infections.  Dairy products are recognized as being problematic for many suffering from chronic ear, sinus, and allergy problems.

Creating healthier intestinal bacteria will help fight these illnesses.  Optiflora is the only product that guarantees live delivery of acidophilus and bifidus to the intestine.  Others guarantee live organisms at time of manufacture.  Re-colonizing the gut to maintain a healthy balance of microflora relieves allergies, acne, MS, flu, chronic fatigue, yeast infections and more.  It also helps maintain healthy white cell counts during chemotherapy.

Optiflora comes as a two-part product: Prebiotic powder you mix in four ounces of water, kids like its pleasant taste, and a tiny, easy to swallow capsule.  Needs no refrigeration.  Can be taken anytime.  Super convenient.

— Geri Stiner

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