The Number One Exercise to Burn Fat

  Is there really just one exercise that can give you all the fat-burning benefits you desire?   Well…almost.   It’s called a sprint. (I can hear you groaning now!)  Don’t check out or think, “Whelp, that does it for me. I can’t sprint so I’m not even bothering to read this.”   If that’s you, hang with me for some options to make sprinting more “doable.”   Sprinting is the ULTIMATE  exercise to position your body to burn more fat throughout the day.  It’s also great to

When You’re Stuck, #ResetWithMe

Anytime someone chooses honesty and authenticity it’s risky.  Each of us have different “lenses” due to life experiences and/or faith that we evaluate others through.   Although being authentic and real may feel risky, but it’s far more satisfying and freeing to be “you” and let go of what others think you should be or need to be.   Many of us live under layers of fear, shame, and insecurity, exhausted with trying to cover up the ugly, imperfect parts of ourselves – it’s

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

[youtube][/youtube]   The habits we instill in our kids carry  with them throughout their life.  When they become adults, either they will have to fight to undue bad habits that have been instilled in them or they will look back and thank you for the foundation that has been laid in their life.  It’s never too late to start encouraging good health and fitness habits…no matter how old your kids are.      5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise   1. Be Silly   Kids like

How I Pushed Reset on my Fitness

8 months after my fourth baby (I’m holding my nephew in this picture) I was eating salads and running 5-10 miles a day.   But I was stuck…         …and frustrated.                   …and hurting.   Why weren’t all my efforts working this time?  After each baby I’d always just run and run and eventually I seemed to get back into shape.  But this time my body hurt…badly. Fibromyalgia, migraines, and pain became the daily norm.   Nathan and I went on a personal quest to discover

Pushing Reset on Your Fitness

I think all of us hit a rut every now and then in our fitness.  Or maybe  you’re isn’t a rut – you’ve just never really gotten started!   It can be tough to get motivated or stay motivated if you feel like everything you’ve tried in the past has been an epic failure.   I have been on my own ups and downs with fitness.   I have finally found a routine that works for me as a busy mom and someone who

Too Busy to Workout?

These days everyone I talk to says the same thing:   I’m so busy to workout   For most of us, spending hours at the gym is simply not doable.  “Not enough time” is the biggest reason that people don’t work out.   I understand the need to get maximum results in as little time as possible.   My husband Nathan and I founded™ when I was up to my eyeballs in dirty diaper and laundry!   As busy parents and business owners we desperately wanted

The Skinny on Weight Loss

How have we gotten to where 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight to obese?   Fast food restaurants are everywhere.  Convenience foods line the shelves at supermarkets.  Advertisers continually remind us that whatever meal or snack we are craving is available whenever we want it.  The age of technology has resulted in much more time spent sitting and an overall decrease in physical activity.   The combined effects of these changes have led to an epidemic of weight gain and obesity with no

Tips for Uphill Running

How about a simple tip for uphill running? Whether you’re doing BURST sprints or just out for a leisurely jog, when running uphill, keep your head up and your eyes focused on the top of the hill. This will open your airways and make it easier to breathe than if your head is down and your upper body is hunched forward. And by the way, keep up the good work!  Uphill running and sprinting are not

Do You Need a Spring Transformation?

Spring is right around the corner!  Temperatures are starting to warm up, days are getting longer, and new life is in the air!  Which also means it’s almost time for Spring Break, trips to the beach, and other outdoor activities.  We welcome the extra surge of energy that Spring brings!  With the dreary Winter weather on it’s way out, the glimpses of sunshine tend to make all of us feel more alive. But what about you?  Do you feel physically

Friendly Competition

Do you struggle with staying motivated to exercise?  Busy work schedules, events for school, and other demands on your time can often push exercise to the back burner.  A great way to help keep you motivated when you don’t feel like exercising is to turn your fitness goals into a contest with friends.  Meet at the local track and run sprints.  Or see who can do the most push-ups in 3 rounds of 20 seconds.  The options are limitless!