Canker Sores & Herpes in the Mouth

//Canker Sores & Herpes in the Mouth

I recently had a horrible outbreak of canker sores in my mouth.  I know they came as a direct result of internalizing stress.  Sometimes when I am stressed, even subconsciously, I will chew the insides of my mouth (gross, I know. Anyone else struggle with this?).

A good friend and mentor sent me his testimony and explanation of canker sores. I tried everything natural that I could think of for several days (baking soda and alum on the sores). Nothing was working. Until I read this and tried swishing Vivix in my mouth. In less than 24 hours the sores went away!! I am still blown away. I hope this explanation will be helpful to someone else out there who struggles with the occasional canker sores or maybe deals with this on a daily basis.


Sores in the mouth and shingles are an expression of the same herpes virus that causes chicken pox.  Once a person has had chicken pox, that virus is usually present in the body for the rest of the person’s life.  However, during the course the chicken pox bouth, the body’s immune system learns how to make the anti-body to that herpes virus, bringing the physical manifestions (i.e. the pox) under control, and thus the body heals itself.

The person’s immune system continues to make those antibodies every day — hence, once you’ve had chicken pox, you are not likely to ever have it again.  However, the virus is still there.

When the person’s immune system becomes too weak to make adequate amounts of the necessary antibody, the virus expresses itself in the form of canker sores in the mouth or an outbreak of shingles — same virus.

Things that severely weaken or damage the immune system, setting you up for an outbreak of canker sores or shingles, are:

— taking antibiotics,
— taking other immune-system-damaging drugs,
— toxic exposure that stresses the immune system (such as household chemicals),
— toxin consumption (artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet in diet drinks, alcohol, tobacco, etc.),
— poor diet that is insufficient in those nutrients required by the immune system

So the way to prevent either canker sores or shingles is to keep the immune system strong.

To permanently get rid of canker sores or shingles once they occur, rebuild the your weakened immune system  by aggressively feeding an abundant supply of all the nutrients it needs.  I strongly suggest “The Bomb.”  If you brother will take “The Bomb” for 30-60 days (full bomb for about 2 weeks and then half a bomb — that is take the regimen 3 times a day — for the remainder of the 60 days), it will make a dramatic difference in his life.

For an IMMEDIATE attack on the canker sores, suck on or chew the Chewable Vita-C and/or swish Vivix in your mouth.  This may sting, but the tissue healing properties of Vivix and Vitamin C will help very quickly!  Just keep popping one in your mouth continuously as you go through the day.  The vitamin C right there in your mouth will kill the herpes virus out that is right there in the open canker sore lesion, bringing about quick healing and recovery. This is VERY effective.

But getting rid of the immediate outbreak by chewing the Chewable Vita-C won’t prevent the re-occurrences that are coming from deep within the body.  For this, you must do “The Bomb.”

I know by experience what I am talking about on this issue.  I had severe mouth sores all through my childhood, teenage, and young adult years — until Shaklee.  I even had an outbreak so severe — about 15-20 sores in my mouth at one time for an extended number of weeks — that my mother took me to the doctor for it once as a teenager — but it was clear that the doctor didn’t have a clue.  His answer was that I should eat more salted peanuts — which burns the sores like fire and didn’t do anything to get rid of them or prevent them.

However, I have had maybe one or two sores in the last 27 years or so — and those occurred following times of severe stress.

I hadn’t thought about this for a long time, but it was actually out of my own experience with a major outbreak of shingles that I first started developing “The Bomb.”

It was around 1992 or so.  We were living on about $8000-10,000 a year income with 3 or 4 small children (it was either right before or right after Angela was born), I had just gotten our TV station on the air, I had constant distraction and stress from allergies, we had just moved into our current house by a miracle of God, and I had just come up out of a terrible time of disabling depression a couple of years earlier.  The stress level was incredible.  It was before I had discovered the benefits of Formula I.  It was before our business exploded in growth from starting the 21 CD program.  And I developed an outbreak of shingles on my right hip that was about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.  The skin became scaly and hard — looked like I was turning into a reptile.

It was during my period of severe depression in 1989 that the Lord gave me a revelation about drinking the protein 3-4 times a day and taking 10 Vita-Lea a day — which played an important role, along with spiritual insights, in bringing me up out of that depression.

But then during all this tremendous stress, I developed this bad case of shingles.  Knowing it was a viral infestation, I began experimenting on taking some Sustained Release Vita-C every couple of hours and just increasing the amount.  It was when I hit 6 every two hours that something significant happened — it was like I had hit the critical mass.  And within just a day or two at that level, I saw a complete turn-around.  No more pain.  The hardness of it began to change rather quickly back to normal.  It took a week or so for the skin manifestation to heal up — which was helped by applying the Herbal Blend cream.  Today I would use the PM Repair — but that was before they developed the Enfuselle line.

This was really one of the beginning seeds of the idea of taking the 6 Vita-C every two hours.  It was a year or so later that I discovered the power of Formula I and the pieces of “The Bomb” began to come together.

My recommendation for shingles is to do the Bomb every 2 hours and apply the PM Repair topically to the bumps.  It will heal up very quickly.


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  • I find it interesting that you mention vitamin C. I have tound that vitamin C or ascorbic acid actually triggers my cold soars or actually I guess canker soars because they are inside the mouth. If I take 500 milagrams of vitamin C for three to four days or more in a row, boom big soars inside my mouth. It took me along time to figure out and correlate the problems with vitamin C. One day in a health food store I ran unto a person that knew about the Chicken Pox or Herpes virus that can hide in our system. After our discussing the problem I started to limit my vitamin C intake to small amounts. I guess we are all different and our bodies react differently to the virus. I also have found that stress can cause an outbreak as well. The main thing for me is that I take small amounts of ascorbic acid. The problem rarely happens now. I would be glad to have a response. Thank you.

    Rod 26.04.2012

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