Burst Training in Chattanooga

//Burst Training in Chattanooga

We did a small Burst Training workshop in Chattanooga, TN this weekend and it went great! These ladies came eager to learn and ready to work hard!

In our couple hour session, we taught the basic principles of our B.U.R.S.TCore™ system, the difference between burst-style training and other methods of exercise, general nutrition and diet tips, and a brief overview of toxicity and how it effects our body’s ability to stay healthy and lose weight!

Just when you think you are finished, your trainer makes you do a bonus round!

Check out www.burstclub.com to learn our unique B.U.R.S.TCore™ system that will empower you to take your health back into your own hands!


  • Hi, I found you on facebook thru a friend. You might notice me as Cool Springs Clean Queen. After watching one of your burst videos I tried it. I’m on day 5 and I have only done 3-20 second sets in the morning with a 20 min ab video in the evenings. I am tighter that I have been in awhile and the pounds are melting off. I started back at the gym in January doing 45 minutes of cardio and an hour of weight training. I was sore and starving all the time. I wasn’t getting the payoff I was looking for. Thank you for posting these videos. I have already told my mother and both of my sisters about this. Thank you!! Mary White

    Mary White 18.02.2010

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