Burn Relief

//Burn Relief

“I stopped to help a stranded motorist.  Not realizing the radiator cap had been loosened, I gave it a slight touch and it exploded, pouring boiling liquid over 60% of my right arm.  I had no insurance at the time but had heard Basic-H could help with burns.  Misting the 2nd degree burn areas with diluted Basic-H was the only thing that gave me any relief.  As the skin peeled and healed, I continued the Basic-H treatments.  The healing was quick and complete.  To look at my arm now, there’s scarcely even a scar.”

— Jack Peskuski

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  • WOW! Jack, I didn’t even know that about you. Great to know Basic H helped and by looking at your arm I would have never known that you ever had an accident.

    Suzanne 23.08.2014

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