Burn More Fat All Day

//Burn More Fat All Day

Burn fat all day long?  Is that a joke or for real.


I’m excited to tell you…it’s for real.


Burst type training has been utilized by Olympic athletes for years because they understand the effectiveness of high intensity exercise for short intervals of time.


Research shows that whatever the body burns during a workout, it will respond by burning the opposite in the hours following.


For example, long cardio workouts program the body to burn fat during the workout. As a result, the body will then burn sugars in the post-workout hours. While it may sound good to be burning fat for the duration of an hour-long workout, these lengthy fitness routines essentially result in hours of living off sugars stored in the muscle.


When you live off stored sugars for the primary part of your day you, you slow down your metabolism.


BURSTClub’s programs effectively reprogram your body to become a fat burner for up to 24 hours following a BURST workout. vs. being a sugar burner and killing your metabolism.


Who wants to burn fat for an hour a day when you could be burning fat for 24 hours?



Check out this study to learn more about the effectiveness of BURST:


Burst Training Burns Fat for 24 Hours

Journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise – 1996 (Learn More)

This study showed that an anaerobically trained interval group (Burst Training) burned significantly more fat than their aerobically trained counterparts. Not only did the interval group burn more fat during exercise, but they exhibited increased fat burning effects that persisted for 24 hours after the exercise had stopped. These results clearly show that Burst Training burns more overall fat and calories during exercise, and demonstrate that EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) leads to a continued fat burn after exercise. The interval group accomplished this with an exercise session that was 15 minutes shorter than the aerobic group.

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