Build Your Immune System this Winter

//Build Your Immune System this Winter

With winter quickly approaching, building the immune system is extremely important.


Whether you are looking to protect against the flu, or are just wanting to stay healthy, some of the below suggestions may help you. I would highly recommend if you are considering getting the flu vaccine to look into some other options first.  There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that it will provide any protection, but one thing is absolutely sure — it will harm you.  I won’t go into all of that here.


The degree to which any one person will be harmed will depend on genetics, past vaccine history, immune system strength, etc. — ranging from transitory discomfort to permanent immune system damage, to severe brain damage, to death.  You cannot know in advance how much harm it will do to a given individual, so it is like playing Russian roulette.


The number one most protective thing you can do to keep from getting the flu of any kind — swine or otherwise — is to take adequate levels of Sustained Release Vita-C.  If you are taking enough Vita-C, you will never get the flu.  That is a fact.  And it is that simple.


If a person is taking a fair amount of Vita-C and still comes down with the flu, it just indicates that they still were not taking enough for what they need.  Since your body does not store vitamin C in any substantial amount except in the fluid of the eye, it is essential to keep a constant flow of vitamin C going into your body throughout the day — to be adequately protected.  Hence, the importance of “sustained release” and the importance of spreading it out over the course of the day.  Thus, protection from the flu is both a factor of how much you take AND how you take it.


Linus Pauling, who received a Nobel Prize for his life’s work in chemistry, including his work with vitamin C, said

that a healthy person needs 5 grams of vitamin C per day (that’s 5000 mg, or 10 Sustained Release Vita-C per day).  He said that if you were sick you would probably need 15 grams per day or more — which is part of the foundation for the amount of vitamin C on “The Bomb.”


Now, he was working with isolated ascorbic acid.  And it is a well-established fact — established by years of experience, by independent clinical testing by people like Dr. Muhammad Nasr of Chicago, and by Shaklee’s own clinical studies — that you can do more with less of the Shaklee whole vitamin C complex than you need when using straight isolated ascorbic acid.


Nevertheless, for a person who is in a situation where you are daily being exposed to all manner of infectious agents that students, customers, or clients are bringing in, I would highly recommend the 5 grams of vitamin C (5000 mg, or 10 Sustained Release Vita-C) per day as a foundation of protections.  More wouldn’t hurt.  In fact, I think taking 3 Sustained Release Vita-C 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime) would be a very healthy plan.  This would keep a constant flow going into your bloodstream.


Keep in mind that the more stress you are under, the more vitamin C you need — because stress will burn through whatever vitamin C you have in your blood very quickly, leaving your immune system depleted.  It will also leave you craving everything in sight!   So on days when you know you are going to be under more stress, take more than the 5 grams.


Also, body mass certainly is a factor in how much you need.  The larger you are, the more cells you have crying out to you for their on-going need for vitamin C.


Don’t be fooled by sensationalist headlines in the media that claim vitamin C to be ineffective in preventing colds or the flu.  These “studies” are being designed in such a way to “prove” a negative result and then sent out in press releases to the media by organizations that have a vested interest in vitamin C “not working” or a philosophical bias against nutrition and supplementation.  What you don’t see headlines on are the literally thousands of studies that show the wide variety of life-saving benefits of vitamin C supplementation.


Additionally, using the sufficient levels of vitamin C as a foundation as outlined above, I would make sure you are using the daily foundation of Shaklee protein (either Energizing Soy or Shaklee 180), Vitalizer, and Herb-Lax.


Herb-Lax is vital to immunity for two very important reasons:


1)  It improves transit time of waste through your 30+ ft. long intestinal tract, so any infectious agent you pick up from food will have less time and less opportunity to multiply and infect you.


2), toxins that sit too long in the intestines or liver and putrefy become a suppressant and a distraction to the immune system and will use up valuable immune system resources that would otherwise have been available for protection.


Then, I would further support strong immunity by daily taking 3-4 or more Immunity Formula I and 2 or more NutriFeron. [Note that the Optiflora is also very important for the immune system, but this is included in the Vitalizer strip mentioned above.  You may, however, want to consider adding a spoon of the Optiflora Pre-Biotic powder to go along with the pro-biotic capsule on the strip.]


If at any time you begin to feel even the twinge on something coming on, I would begin “The Bomb” immediately.  If you’ll do this, you can normally head any infection off at the pass literally within hours — before it takes hold of you.


Next, I would keep a canister of Shaklee Germ Off Wipes (or use the Germicide spray with paper towels) handy at your desk and daily use them to wipe door knobs, desk drawer handles, etc., in your classroom.  Additionally, if it were me, I would use them to wipe my hands at times during the day.  These wipes kill 99.9% of germs but are completely nontoxic to humans.  While Shaklee cannot certify them for human use because the testing required for this involves animal testing, which Shaklee will not do, scientist Jim Greene at Shaklee assures us that you can wipe a baby’s toy which the baby then puts in its mouth and it will be completely nontoxic to the baby — far, far different from using Clorox wipes or similar available in stores.


If you do this, you will build your immune system and will not need to be in fear of getting the flu, swine flu, or any other flu!



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