Will Flu Vaccinations Put You at Risk for Brain Injury?

//Will Flu Vaccinations Put You at Risk for Brain Injury?

Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon

Vaccines are not all they appear to be.  According to the vaccine promoters, they are the greatest — and safest — advance in disease control the world has ever known. But is that true? Did vaccines really stop the scourge of childhood infections?  Or can vaccines actually destroy your health?

There is conclusive evidence that death rates from childhood diseases fell dramatically before any mass inoculation programs ever began.  For example, the death rate from measles fell 95 percent before mass vaccinations were initiated.  Health authorities believe the most logical reasons for the dramatic fall in these death rates were improved nutrition in the cities, better sanitation, and other public health measures.  The effects of these steps toward improving general public health are still seen today.  Measles death rates in Africa are quite high, but measles-related death rates in developed countries, even among the un-vaccinated, are incredibly low.

Many recent neuroscience studies have shown a frightening link between vaccination and brain inflammation that can last for years and possibly for decades.  This inflammation can manifest in many different forms depending on many factors including age, nutrition, and genetics.

We are seeing a gradual reduction in our children’s ability to learn, which closely parallels the advent of mass vaccination programs.  Children are now receiving some 36 to 40 vaccines before attending school (a total of 92 different vaccinations are injected before age 6).  These large numbers of vaccines assault their brains by triggering a process called immunoexcitotoxicity during the brain’s most critical period of growth and development. Immunoexcitotoxicity can appear as learning difficulties, behavioral problems, language difficulties, or impulse-controlling difficulties.

The elderly are also at great risk from vaccinations.  The flu vaccines contain a full dose of mercury (as thimerosal) as well as dangerous immune stimulators (called adjuvants).  Virtually all neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, are triggered and worsened by chronic brain inflammation.  As we age, our brains become progressively more inflamed, but in some, the inflammation is severe.  These are the unfortunate people who will develop neurodegenerative diseases. Repeatedly vaccinating those over age 55 will make the problem worse.

Everyone has the jitters over the so-called swine flu pandemic (recently declared so by the WHO, a U.N./pharmaceutical-dominated organization). Named H1N1, this virus, according to a virologist quoted in Science magazine, is composed of an unbelievable array of genes from a number of sources.  Virologists are also saying that this is the most unusual flu virus they have ever seen.  It kills and seriously sickens the young but is a mild disease in the elderly, just the opposite of all other forms of flu virus.

For a pandemic, it has killed fewer people worldwide than any pandemic in history.  Very few infections or deaths have occurred in the sunny Southeast — most are in the northern latitude states.  Because of the disappointing initial effects of this virus (remember they were preparing us for a 1918-style flu death event), experts now say that we can expect the big event when winter hits.  And, surprise of all surprises, the vaccine manufacturer Novartis announced that it has a swine flu vaccine all ready for the occasion.  All we need now is for President Barack Obama to declare that everyone will be forcibly vaccinated.  But if you choose not to take the swine flu vaccine, can you protect yourself against becoming a victim?  The answer is “yes.”

Source: www.Newsmax.com Health Alerts, September 13, 2009

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