Build Lean Muscle Like an Olympic Athlete

//Build Lean Muscle Like an Olympic Athlete

Rebuilding primary and secondary muscles is a life long process.  Maintaining and rebuilding your muscles and stopping muscle loss during our lifetime becomes very important to human health.

· Physique features a unique blend of a long chain branch carbohydrate and protein called Bio-Build™. (Clinically proven to help recovery, rebuild muscle tissue longer and stronger than the original tissue)

· Bio-Build™ nutrients are used by the body to trigger the secretion of insulin into the blood stream. Insulin is the body’s natural stimulating hormone promoting the uptake of carbohydrates and amino acids into the muscle cell for rebuilding. This is a process unique to Shaklee.

· Amino acids taken into the muscle cells keep repairing and building new muscles. These amino acids must have a delivery system.

· Physique includes all the essential and non-essential amino acids important in the repair and rebuilding of primary muscle tissue.

· Physique also contains a high bioavailable source of the mineral chromium (essential to the normal function of the body’s insulin levels). Chromium is important in regulating blood sugar levels.

· Shaklee chromium is the most readily available chromium in the market today.

· Long chain branched carbohydrates act differently in the body since they have a low glucose response different than simple carbohydrates that have a high glucose response and raise the blood sugar too fast.

· Chromium is very important in muscle rebuilding. Chromium must have a delivery system and Shaklee has perfected a unique system that will readily make the absorption of the chromium possible. No matter how much muscle building hormone you have available, you need chromium to drive the protein and carbohydrates into the muscle.

· Shaklee uses chromium nicotinate, which offers the best utilization.

· Long chain carbohydrates break down into three very important amino acids necessary for muscle rebuilding (valine, leucine & isoleucine) which are the primary builders of muscle. Long chain complex carbohydrates are different than simple carbohydrates since simple carbohydrates break down too soon.

Physique: Maximizing Muscle Energy

· Physique promotes muscle glycogen storage. Insulin acts as a potent anabolic hormone, preventing muscle protein break down. That is why, with the right glucose response and the right complex carbohydrates you can rebuild your muscle back stronger.

· Dr. John Ivy Ph.D. at the university of Texas with Shaklee demonstrated that the synergistic effects of carbohydrates with protein consumed as a drink rebuilds muscle glycogen up to 40% faster than carbs alone. These levels restore muscle glycogen and muscle break down without contributing to body fat.

· A low glucose index is a convenient way to choose your carbohydrates. The lower the glycogen numbers, the slower the carbohydrate raises blood glucose and insulin level, thereby making Physique so powerful and effective.

· The proper ratio of carbohydrates and protein needs to be around 2.7. Physiques unique quantity and quality is excellent for maximum utilization of protein and carbohydrates into the muscle.

· Once the muscle is opened by chromium, a quality of the glucose long chained branch of carbohydrates and the rest of the essential amino acids must be available for maximum muscle building and excellent recovery. Recovery time could be cut in half from surgery or any kind of trauma by using Physique.

· Remember the muscle is 35% of valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Physique is made up of 44% of valine, leucine, and isoleucine. This is the best muscle building mixture on the market and has the best delivery system.

Losing muscle mass, body shape and muscle tonality is a major problem today, because we consume too much simple carbohydrates and sugars. This causes blood sugar swings and in turn too much muscle loss because there is not enough bio-available protein, chromium and long chain branch carbohydrates in our diet.

Rebuilding muscle and restoring muscle mass can be accomplished with today’s new technology and Shaklee PHYSIQUE.

55 Gold medals have won by Shaklee powered athletes.  See which ones and what products are their favorite here.

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