• HealthyOates-Bronchitis-Plan

    My Chronic Bronchitis Story

    Have you ever been up all night coughing?  How about for weeks at a time? I feel your pain.     Incessant coughing can come from a cold, allergies, sinus infection, or bronchitis (to name a few).  When I was really young, I got really sick one year (likely pneumonia) which turned into bronchitis.   From […]

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  • Dig Deep

    Dig Deep to Go Up

    My son loves to dig in the dirt.   As a matter fact, so do my daughters.   What is the fascination with thinking a hole in the ground? Maybe it’s discovering buried treasures. Maybe it’s the anticipation and mystery of not knowing what you are going to find…so you continue to dig a little […]

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  • Don't Forget this Holiday Season HealthyOates

    How to Never Forget Anything Again

    Want to make sure you don’t forget anything this holiday season?   Or worse yet, your child at a store while out Christmas shopping?   I’m sure you’d never do that!  Well, maybe never.  How many of us parents would honestly admit we’ve forgotten (even momentarily) a child at an athletic practice, school, or in […]

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  • Beat Enterovirus D68 HealthyOates

    Healthy Ways to Beat Enterovirus D68

    With school underway one thing that is pressing on this momma’s brain is GERMS!  We’ve already had some  yucky ones come home and it’s only been a couple months of school so far!   I’m thankful that when I see a cold (or worse) coming on, I have simple steps for exactly how to fight […]

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  • mommy new year banner FINAL

    Mommy New Year Healthy RESET

      Happy New Year!   Well, sort of…   Every year, I think of September as the “Mommy New Year.”  This is the time of year us moms have just crammed in our last family vacation, BBQ, and trip to the pool.  Then we sped off to Walmart or Target to fight our way through […]

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  • Negativity Quote

    #ResetWithMe on Negativity

    None of us are born more negative or positive than others, while some of us would say we are bent more towards the “glass is half empty” or the “glass is half full” perspective.  Rather, we have all been created in the image of God who is overflowing with Joy and not an ounce of […]

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  • HealthyOates-Reset-with-me-banner

    When You’re Stuck, #ResetWithMe

    Anytime someone chooses honesty and authenticity it’s risky.  Each of us have different “lenses” due to life experiences and/or faith that we evaluate others through.   Although being authentic and real may feel risky, but it’s far more satisfying and freeing to be “you” and let go of what others think you should be or […]

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  • I'M Sad

    The Day the Bottom Fell Out

    Have you ever had a day, week, month, or even year where it feels like the “bottom just fell out?”  That’s has been us for the past few weeks.  There have been so many negative things that happened back to back that one begins to scratch their head and wonder – and pray more.   […]

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  • Depression

    Is Prozac the Solution for Depression?

    I’ve known the sting of depression.  I’ve felt the darkness that takes you so deep you don’t know if you will every come up for air again.  This article is not to state the rightness or wrongness of using medication for depression.  Every situation is different.  But it does expose some of the truth and […]

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