• colicky

    4 Natural Tips to Combat Colic

    My heart goes out to mommas with colicky babies.  I had one who just plain didn’t like to sleep and would cry for hours in her crib.  That small taste of a crying baby made me acutely aware of how many moms are devastated that their new baby won’t stop crying, no matter how much […]

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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

      The habits we instill in our kids carry  with them throughout their life.  When they become adults, either they will have to fight to undue bad habits that have been instilled in them or they will look back and thank you for the foundation that has been laid in their life.  It’s never too […]

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  • My Fitness Transformation

    8 months after my fourth baby (I’m holding my nephew in this picture) I was eating salads and running 5-10 miles a day.   But I was stuck…         …and frustrated.                   …and hurting.   Why weren’t all my efforts working this time?  After each baby I’d always just run and run and eventually I […]

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  • featimg-burstclub

    Pushing Reset on Your Fitness

    I think all of us hit a rut every now and then in our fitness.  Or maybe  you’re isn’t a rut – you’ve just never really gotten started!   It can be tough to get motivated or stay motivated if you feel like everything you’ve tried in the past has been an epic failure.   I […]

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  • featimg-raising-healthy-kids

    Raising Healthy Kids

    Here are some of my most popular posts on how to build health in your kids.  It’s not small task, and can feel overwhelming at times.  That’s why I want to help show you simple ways to boost their immune systems, make healthy snacks, treat infections naturally, get them exercising, and even train them to […]

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  • featimg-soy-myth-busters

    Busting the Myths on Soy Protein

    There are many opinions on soy protein that clutter the internet and those opinions leave us reeling with more questions than answers most of the time.  I don’t wish to clutter it more .  What I do want is to give you facts on what clinical research has shown to be true for years and […]

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  • BottomFallsOutArt_Web

    What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out

    We’ve all had those days.   You know, the ones where you feel like “when it rains it pours” or that the “bottom just fell out” or maybe it’s closer to say “all hell has broken lose.”  These days could be described as “the pits” or if you’re overly dramatic like me, you call your […]

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  • featimg-healthyoates-womens-health-solutions

    Where to Start with Women’s Health

    I have found that smart exercise, a good diet of alive food, and proper supplementation can make it possible for you to sail through the seasons of womanhood without the all of the horrors.   Just because I am female doesn’t mean that my day has to be characterized by mood swings, cravings, PMS or […]

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