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If you are looking for a natural yet effective plan to balance out your hormones, this system may be just what you’ve been searching for.


After having 4 kids in 6 years I can tell you my hormones were a little “out of whack.”   After my infant son went to heaven, the loss and emotional roller coaster also threw me out of whack all over again.  I was thankful both times to have something natural to get me back on track.


This is not a plan you stay on forever.   think about it like a tiny “dot” on the timeline of your life.  I challenge you to invest into yourself for 6 solid months and just see what kind of woman  you are at the end.   You may  have a revelation like I did:  “Wow honey, I’m really not crazy!  I thought I was there for awhile!”   I’m telling you what, a woman’s hormones can do a number on her head and heart.  It’s so important to take care of yourself and I have always had a high value on doing whatever I can do naturally as opposed to getting stuck in a medical cycle that may lead nowhere for the long-term.


If that is you, try this plan.  It could be the beginning of a whole new YOU!  I don’t know about you, but I was tired of snapping at my kids and husband.  It was time to feel normal again!   I’m so thankful for Shaklee and for products that work, are safe, and have 300 million in science and research to back them up.


Supplements Needed for the 3-2-1 Hormone Balancing Plan


Authors Note:  This is not a Shaklee sanctioned hormone plan nor their suggested time frame.  However, these are the products they have created for balancing women’s hormones.


My suggestion would be to follow this plan for 3-6 months or until you feel better.  Remember, it takes us ladies years to get out of balance, so it will take several full cycles to get your hormones properly regulated in your body.  So stick with this and give your body the time and fuel to do what it was designed to do!



1. Shaklee Protein Shake daily —  choose either Energizing Soy Protein or Shaklee 180 Smoothees (not Meal Shakes or Physique, though those are good for other purposes).  See why Soy is so good for balancing women’s hormones, contrary to what you may have been told.


2. Shaklee Vitalizer strip (Or at minimum, Vita-Lea – Shaklee’s multi vitamin –  and Shaklee B-Complex)


3. Shaklee GLA: Gamma Lenolenic Acid is an essential fatty acid most women are lacking but is necessary for the regulation of hormones. If your hormones are out of balance, GLA will help promote balance.


4. Shaklee Menopause Balance Complex– Even though this is marketed for “Menopause,” it is NOT just for women in menopause. Take Menopause Balance daily because it is a hormone balancer and can help prevent PMS, cramps, and mood swings, and prevent the hormonal imbalances that lead to the more severe issues of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and premature menopause later in life.  Menopause Balance Complex has been called by many of my friends their “happy pills.”


5. Shaklee Vita-E Complex Vitamin E helps tremendously with proper production of estrogen and other discomfort of your cycle, or for hot flashes if you are in menopause


The 3-2-1 Hormone Balancing Plan



  • FOUNDATION:  Shaklee Soy protein smoothie + Vitalizer strip (or VitaLea at minimum)
  • 3 GLA
  • 2 Menopause Balance Complex
  • 1 Vita-E Complex



  • 3 GLA
  • 2 Menopause Balance Complex
  • 1 Vita-E Complex
  • add an extra serving of Soy if symptoms persist or for major discomfort



Follow this plan for 3-6 months and then go down to one time a day of the 3-2-1 Plan or at minimum stay on your Shaklee Vitalizer and Protein.


Watch this video to see more on 3 of the hottest topics we women deal with – Hormones, Weight Gain, and Energy.  I even throw in a few tips on how to curb cravings and stop the “crazy cycle!”



The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.


**If an independent Shaklee Distributor invited you to this page, contact them.  If you need help and do not know a distributor, click here to view any supplements mentioned above or contact us.




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  • I had a double mastectomy 7 years ago and cannot take any hormonal replacements. I have been going through menopause for 6 years. My main issue is panic attacks for about a week during the month and my whole body feels like it’s in a sauna. My blood pressure is only elevated during this week. Do any ingredients include any natural hormone replacements. I was told I could never take anything related and this product sounds just what I have been looking for. Thanks

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