B.U.R.S.TClub.com is Here!

//B.U.R.S.TClub.com is Here!

The countdown is getting lower!!  Less than 2 days till we officially launch www.burstclub.com.   Follow @BurstClub on Twitter or Find BurstClub on Facebook to keep up with the latest!  Launch is set for early Friday morning.  Here is a bit more about what B∙U∙R∙S∙TClub™ is:

B∙U∙R∙S∙T stands for Body’s Ultimate Response Shock Training

At the heart of B∙U∙R∙S∙TClub™ is the unique 3 minute B∙U∙R∙S∙TCore™ System, which is a combination of both cardio and resistance training.

Extensive research has proven that burst-type training triggers the body to respond in a way that enables it to burn fat for hours following the workout.  In contrast, conventional Low Intensity, Long Duration (LILD) training requires a larger time commitment, yet often produces far less results.

B∙U∙R∙S∙TCore™ was created by Nathan and Jenni Oates.  As personal trainers and former Collegiate Athletes, the Oates desire to equip people just like you with the tools necessary for achieving your fitness goals without spending hours at the gym!

B∙U∙R∙S∙TClub™ Benefits:

  • Convenience of working out anywhere—no gym needed!
  • Weekly 3 Minute Workouts
  • 100s of B∙U∙R∙S∙TCore™ videos demonstrating every exercise
  • Custom B∙U∙R∙S∙TClub™  Tunes to guide you through your workout
  • Online B∙U∙R∙S∙TCore™  Coaches, Nathan & Jenni Oates
  • Nutrition Tips, Community, Forum, Blog
  • B∙U∙R∙S∙TClub™ Twitter Updates

Visit www.burstclub.com soon to experience the B∙U∙R∙S∙TCore™ Difference!


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