Athletes Foot

//Athletes Foot

I used to get athletes foot all the time from playing sports. I tried spraying Basic G in shower stalls before I showered to make sure the area was disinfected.


Also, I put Herbal Blend Multi Purpose Cream on feet and between toes after a bath or shower.  Using Optiflora helped eliminate nail and foot fungus too.


– Jennifer




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  • Couple of years ago I had athletes foot. I did the same thing and it worked wonders! Optiflora and herbal blend cream. I also put a cap of Basic G in my Loads to wash the socks, till the fungus was gone.

    Sarah Zieg 01.09.2014
    • Oooh great idea on the Basic G in the laundry too. Thank you Sarah!

      Jenni Oates 03.09.2014

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