Anemia Gone with This Simple Addition

//Anemia Gone with This Simple Addition

My son, 14, tested borderline anemic a few months ago.  He was already supplementing with with was just Shaklee Vitalea multivitamin.   All I added in addition during this time was 1-2 tsp of Liqui-Lea a day.


This quickly boosted his hemoglobin count.


He keeps the bottle in his bedroom and continues to take a big swig on his own every morning.  Circles under his eyes disappeared shortly after he started the Liqui-Lea.


– Karen Roach



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  • Hello. My name is Crystal. I have a Iron problem. I take iron pills everyday. People say I am anemic but my mom says i’m not. I have REALLY bad circles around my eyes and i’ve been bullied for years because of it. I was wondering if possibly you could help me with that? Because i’m not quite sure how to fix it.

    crystal 11.06.2011
    • Anemia is definitely an iron issue, but the type of iron is vital. If you are taking drugstore or even prescription types of iron they are synthetic and toxic and often do more harm than good. Shaklee’s iron is from whole food sources like spinach, broccoli, etc. so it’s digested by the body the way iron should be. The dark circles are an indicator of possibly more than just an iron deficiency. What I would HIGHLY recommend is just comprehensive, foundational nutrition that every person needs. I have used this daily for 10+ years and feel better than ever. It’s guaranteed or your money back so it won’t hurt to try since you’ve tried other things that are obviously not working. I hate that you are bullied for this. 🙁 I’d love for you to give Shaklee a shot and let me know what changes. I recommend Vitalizer + Iron for you. Vitalizer is a strip of vitamins/minerals and probiotic we need daily (and you need to get the one with iron). You will tell a huge difference! go here and type in Vitalizer + Iron in the search box. Keep in touch Crystal!

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