Allergic Reaction to Laundry Detergent

//Allergic Reaction to Laundry Detergent

A patient came into our pediatrician’s office in tears.  She had just returned from a pediatric appointment where they had taken a biopsy from her one month old baby girl.  The baby had a severe rash since birth.  When the mother agreed to the biopsy she had no idea they would cut off part of the baby’s skin.  This was the first time we had seen the baby or heard of this problem.  My husband (a doctor) told her to buy Basic L (we stock it in the clinic), go home and wash every piece of fabric that would come in contact with the baby.  This included the families’ clothing, since they held the baby, the baby’s clothing, towels and bedding.

In THREE DAYS, the entire rash was cleared and the biopsy came back the same day…allergic reaction to the chemicals in laundry products.  “Why would any parent use cleaners and laundry products that could harm their child when there are products that would never harm and even save their money?”

— Linda Prosak

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