Agave: Harmful or Beneficial?

//Agave: Harmful or Beneficial?

Recently, Dr. Mercola wrote an article on Agave and how it is harmful to your health. To see his article, click here.

We have used Organic Agave for awhile, so this article definitely raises some questions for me and my family. I am by no means an expert, nutritionist, or a scientist.  However, several thoughts come to mind as I read Mercola’s article:

1. I’m not discounting what he says, as he is brilliant and much of what he says is right on.  Plus he has a track record for helping many live healthier lives, which is our desire too. So I’m definitely going to research this more to a conclusion.

2. I checked his sources at the bottom and it seems like it’s taken more from other articles and not hard scientific fact.  That makes me wonder what actual scientific PROOF he has for these claims. I could be wrong on this, but I want to know that there are scientist who have studied and tested what he is saying to be true.

3. I DO agree that America eats way to much fructose. Not sure if that means we make such claims as run from Agave like the plague. I think the better advice would be, learn to eat all things in moderation. If America has a sweet tooth problem, they will just switch this for something else and cause a whole other slew of problem b/c we went Glucose crazy!  I believe if we eat the way we were designed our bodies will function properly. I personally am living proof. I was way out of balance over the past several years, but this year have balanced all things and have felt better than ever.

Balanced eating:

Eat fruits for breakfast, mid morning snack and maybe lunch, but don’t eat them after lunch hours. Your body burns the fructose earlier in the day as you are typically more active. Later in the day your body is repairing…which requires protein.

Eat a more protein and raw vegetable heavy diet from lunch on.

Eliminate processed foods all together. This alone would get rid of all the added sugars that are making us fat.

If we would just eat more raw veggies, organic meats, and fruits at the right times and in the right amounts, it would cut down on the sugar intake.

then we could “get away with” the homemade snacks that have added agave or other sugars.

EXERCISE is key!  You use the fructose up when you exercise. Most of us eat way to much sugar and don’t exercise, therefore we have a fructose problem. AGAIN, I don’t think you can blame the AGAVE for this. This is a lifestyle choice. If we did something about it, I wonder if the agave (and fructose content of it) would even be an issue???

4. I don’t think it’s the agave making us fat, its the massive amount of processed foods (which all contains HFCS or other sugars) that are making us fat and the amount of grains we eat (which turn to sugar 3 seconds after they hit our tongue).  The USDA Food Pyramid is way off, in my opinion. We do NOT need 9 servings of Grain a day. Look around and see what that has gotten us in adults AND kids!  We are the most obese nation in the world and we spend more money every year on weight loss. If we just chose more real, live foods as opposed to prepackaged or grains, we wouldn’t have a problem! We would be better off to eat 9 servings of veggies a day and eat balanced!

5. We use Organic Agave that seems to not have undergone all the chemical processing he talks about, we exercise daily, and we limit our intake of agave and ALL other sugars.  We eat fruits at the appropriate times each day (early on), exercise so our body will utilize those sugars, eat NO or very little processed foods, and eat as much live, real food as possible.

This is the best advice I have right now.  And then, like I said, I think the small amounts of Agave (Organic) here and there are not as harmful as he made it out to be.

I am continuing to look into this so let me know if you have any great revelations too!

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