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So, it’s probably no surprise that we are in business together.  What may come as a surprise however is that we actually like it!   It wasn’t always that way – and don’t be fooled…it’s not that way every day now either. Believe me, we had a long season where we didn’t even know if we would make it.  The fire of marriage gets “hot” for all of us and we have the decision to invest and commit, or quit.

Working together has been the refining fire that has brought so many impurities to the surface that were already there.  So quitting on each other or our vision for our marriage wasn’t the answer – committing to growing individually past our “junk” was.  The problem wasn’t our marriage.  The problem lie deep within each of us and we had the power to change it.

Our vision for impacting the lives of people around us was birthed in the fire of tragedy and loss that nearly cost us our marriage.  Doing businesses together turned up the heat to a whole new level, but has been the very thing God has used to bring us closer together.  You see, we don’t want to retire one day after working jobs for 40 years and realize we had no idea how to do life together.

We dreamed of financial freedom (we pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck) so that we could resource other people to live out their purpose.   We also wanted to travel (our only trip every year was to visit family at Christmas) so that we could allow our kids to experience the world rather than just read about it.  And we wanted to make our own work hours and be our own bosses (Nathan worked 50-70 hours every week) so that we could spend more time with our family.

“Time” was a driving motivator for us to figure out how to make this marriage-business relationship work.  We know the value of a minute all too well.  In 2006 our lives instantly changed when our infant son went to heaven unexpectedly from SIDS.

As we journeyed through our grief, the loss of our son threatened our marriage and cost us our job.  But God in His grace used that “Marker Moment” to instill new identity and purpose and equipped us with perseverance to navigate the journey filled with Hope.

HealthyOates, Inc. was birthed to instill Hope, through everything that we do, that God take our tragedies and turns them into triumphs.  He restores financially, heals broken hearts, and redeems failing relationships.

We are passionate about working with committed individuals to help them identify areas of need, discover hidden dreams, and mapping out an action plan to live the life they’ve always wanted.  We love equipping people who are serious about positive change with a vehicle to radically transform their health, finances, family, and future.

It takes hard work, but that doesn’t scare us.  It energizes us.

Before we officially went into business together, we worked with youth and families for over 10 years.  Playing multiple sports for years contributes to our competitive spirits, love for hard work, and tenacity.

If you’re ready to thrive in your health, fitness, business, and family we can help you design it and equip you with the tools to succeed.


We believe that without vision people perish – it keeps creativity alive and purpose clear.  We empower all families to fortify their health, find their purpose, and fund their dream…so they can live a hope-filled life.


To instill hope for a better future by partnering with individuals to transform their families and design their lives through building a business; using simple and natural health solutions; and developing personally.


In order to live life by design it takes commitment to face the reality of where you are – financially, relationally, personally, and spiritually—and then the courage to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.


Our values dictate everything that we do.  We value generational impact, networking, integrity, working together, intentional family life, personal development, perseverance through trials, hope, & unlimited possibilities.


Running businesses, working together, and being parents can get a little tricky some days, but over the years we’ve found some things that work.

Being intentional means not living by default.  Intentional conversation and quality time together are priorities that are our “secret sauce.”


We cannot give what we have not received. As Christ is our Source of love, peace, joy, and grace, we in turn are able to give it.


Boundaries are one of the greatest ways we show love for each other.  Clear expectations and healthy limits create unhindered freedom.


“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Taking the seriousness of each day in stride and laughing often is our cure for “what ails you.”


In the rockiest times of our family’s journey we have found the best remedy – fixing our eyes on Jesus.  He alone has been our unwavering Rock and the Source of our comfort and hope.  It’s not through striving that we overcome, but in resting in who He is and all that He has done for us.


“Marker Moments” are days that are so significant and so life-altering that everything going forward is dated based off that time.  Marker Moments can either make us or break us and however we choose to respond will likely determine the course of our life.


We had the unique opportunity to go on TLCs Miami Ink and get a tattoo from top artist, Tim Hendricks.  Our son’s name is a Hebrew name with deep meaning to us – “Salvation, Gift of God.”  His short life is a constant reminder to us salvation is God’s grace gift to us.


For so many years we lived from a mindset of scarcity, not abundance…until we learned how to live by design, not default.  If you’re tired of letting life happen to you and what to want life to happen for you, we can help.