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TIP #3: Shaklee Vitamins are as Close to Nature as Possible

Vitamins are not like medicine.  Because medicine is synthetic and unnatural, it is possible to overdose and cause severe problems.  Over 100,000 people die yearly from this, and well into the millions over the past 30 years.  Not so with vitamins that are real and as close to natural as possible.

Wisdom would say to check the  brand you take because not all vitamins are the same. Some can actually do more harm then good because they are synthetic, meaning they are produced in a lab somewhere to mimic the real thing.  Drugs are synthetic and have side effects.  So if you take a synthetic, cheaply made vitamin, it stands to reason you will have what?? SIDE EFFECTS!  Your body cannot process or utilize synthetic vitamins. See the three types of vitamins here.

Shaklee vitamins are different – which is why I’ve chosen to trust them for the past 12 years and all throughout my 4 pregnancies.  Taking Shaklee supplements is like eating food (obviously nothing is as good as the real thing, but it is as close as you can get in a pill form)! So to avoid vitamins while pregnant is like saying “I can’t eat too many apples. It might hurt me.” You can’t over-dose on apples or spinach (too much spinach will just land you on “the John” for a long period of time.  But this proves that the body know exactly what to do with too much of anything).

TIP #4: Understanding the Label

Many companies do not adhere to FDA standards, so you will not find the appropriate labeling on the bottle.  By FDA standards, vitamin companies must label their products with “Ask your health care professional if pregnant or nursing.” Although the label may read “Ask your health care professional if pregnant” this is no way means that the product is harmful or that a pregnant woman should avoid this product; it’s just following proper FDA protocol. The FDA also says that a product only has to be 10% natural to label it with “All Natural.” I don’t know about you, but this makes me a little angry.   I don’t want clever marketing on a label to sway my choices if the product is actually poorly made with synthetic ingredients.  So beware of what you are purchasing simply because “the label says so.”

This is just one more reason why I only trust Shaklee vitamins.   Shaklee has done over 200 million dollars of research to see how vitamins, minerals, and protein actually work in a human body.  Shaklee performs 350 quality control tests on every individual ingredient in every bottle, every time, and they have over 100 published clinical studies in peer reviewed medical journals.  That may not mean much to you, but know that 98% of companies out there don’t have a single scientist on staff, have zero clinical studies published proving the efficacy of their products, and do little to no testing.  You have no idea what you are actually getting in that bottle at the end of the day).

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