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***continued from A Healthy Pregnancy – Tips 3 & 4

TIP #5: Know what You Need

As a rule of thumb, you need a complete Protein, and vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids (omega 3’s) every single day to create healthy cells. Throughout the different stages of pregnancy, the baby’s development is changing and growing, therefore your nutritional needs will change and grow too.  For those of you who like detail about what’s happening with specific nutrients and protein and why you need it, I’ve broken it down for you below.   But remember this as you read…KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!   If you are taking your Vitalizer & Protein as the basis for daily nutrition, you’ve covered most of this list below.  Health does not have to be complicated, nor do you really need to know any of this.  Just take what’s proven and been working for people for 56 years, and has made millions of people feel better and live better quality lives.   Shaklee is the only choice for me.  My health and my babies’ health was not something I wanted to gamble with.  I wanted supplements that were sure and proven.  But for those of you who like the nitty-gritty details, here they are!

  • Protein is HUGE for the early stages (and throughout) because the baby is just developing and those cells come from somewhere.  Protein will also help keep hormone levels even and ward off nausea.  It allows you to feel more full than less nutrient dense carbs. Take protein in the morning and again before bed to keep away hunger throughout the night and allow the body to build and repair while you sleep.  This is protein’s primary function–building, repairing, and healing.  Night-time is the primary time for this function.
  • B-Complex (has all 12 Bs in the PERFECT ratio that they are found in nature; not taking one B and overloading on it. i.e B12, or B6. Anytime B occurs in nature it is with all 12 and in perfect ratio.): This is crucial for many developmental things.  Folic acid is necessary to prevent spina bifida.  B Complex can help with uterine cramps so taken in large doses right before and during labor may help ease the pain of contractions.
  • Lecithin: Helps in later stage (around 6-7 months) when the brain is going through rapid growth. Lecithin will increase the amount of brain synapses that the baby has.
  • Herb-Lax: Prevents toxemia and helps with constipation, thus preventing the ever dreaded hemorrhoids that pregnant women can get.
  • Osteomatrix (Calcium/Magnesium) : Aids in building strong bones, but the Protein is just as, if not more, crucial than Calcium.  Bones are primarily made up of water and amino acids, not calcium like most people think.  Calcium is also huge for acid reflux as the baby gets bigger and pushes your stomach up higher to your esophagus. Within 5 minutes, chewable cal/mag (or about 10-15 for the regular OsteoMatrix) will soothe the worst case.  Calcium, like B, can also help with uterine cramps so taken in large doses right before and during labor can help ease the pain of contractions.
  • VitaLea (Multivitamin): The body needs a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for various functions and development. Shaklee’s multi (as well as all of their vitamins) are bioavailable (meaning the body can get to the nutrients and use them) and will be absorbed. The scientist, doctor, and nutritionist team that develops Shaklee vitamins have tested which nutrients should be paired together to optimize absorption in the body.  A poorly manufactured vitamin does not take this into consideration and you basically are paying for expensive pee!
  • OmegaGuard (Omega 3s) & GLA (Omega 6s): Important for brain development and hormone balancing. i.e. Keeps mom happy and not crazy!!!

As you enter your late 2nd and 3rd trimester, you may want to consider adding in extra. I always added extra Vita-Lea for women (multivitamin), extra B Complex (for my sanity), and extra Sustained Release C (helps with tissue building, stress and immunity), and multiple servings of protein a day.  You can get these in individual bottles in addition to your daily Vitalizer for Women.

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You will NEVER regret giving your babies the very best.  I know that I don’t!!!

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