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TIP #1: Pregnancy Is Not a Disease

Just because you get pregnant, does not mean you stop living and doing those things that helped promote health when you weren’t pregnant. You don’t stop taking vitamins or exercising (unless you have a condition in which your doctor has deemed exercise dangerous).  My doctors, while extremely kind and well-meaning, made me feel like when I got pregnant I needed to shift and change everything.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Which brings me to my second tip…

TIP #2: Your Pregnant Body has an Increased Need for Nutrients

When you are pregnant you should be doing MORE nutritionally than before because there is a greater need and demand on your body.  Where do you think your baby comes from???  I can guarantee he or she does not come out of nothing.  Every cell of the baby comes from somewhere. It will either come from nutrients (vitamins, minerals, & protein) that you put into your body daily or from YOU.  A baby is created from cells, and cells require nutrients and protein to form.  If you are not getting these, the baby will pull the amino acids from your muscles, organs, and cells. This leaves your depleted and likely feeling exhausted. Again, a simple solution is to provide the body what it needs daily and thus save yourself a lot of days feeling run down or worse.  Many issues for us women that develop months, years, or even later in life come from this important stage where we lived for nearly a year totally depleted. Just think about it for a minute!!  The baby WILL always get what he or she needs.  But who may be the one to suffer presently and/or long-term if there is not an adequate amount available daily?

Another aspect of this is that when your body is deficient in nutrients or protein, it will oftentimes manifest through cravings.  Did you know that if you are craving chocolate you may be deficient in Calcium (add in Shaklee’s Osteomatrix to curb this!)?  If you crave junk food (chips, fried foods, and sugary snacks) then you may be  deficient in B vitamins (add in B-Complex to get all 8 B vitamins and stop this in it’s tracks!!! I personally took and still do at times, 2 B at every meal. I feel like a different woman. I love me some B’s!!!)

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