A Choice You Won't Regret!

//A Choice You Won't Regret!

As a Division I soccer player turned mom of 4, there have been ups and downs in the food, weight loss, & health departments. Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy and can be frustrating for those of us who were once chiseled specimens in our college days (weeell, at least we like to think we were!).

My friend Matt’s story is true of so many who are former athletes, or those of us who just “used to workout.”  Then life — maybe jobs, marriage, kids, busyness — sets in and our health (and waistline) goes down the tube…or at least seems to get 90% harder then it was “back in the day.”

Matt Ganter is a man of integrity, one of the kindest guys I know, and such a hard worker.  He played Division I baseball at our (Liberty University) rival school (High Point) so I wasn’t sure I could actually be his friend at first. 🙂  But that quickly changed.  He is an incredible guy and I’m so proud of him.

Matt has shown me that it’s never too late for us to go after what we want.  Even those of us who are relatively young get sidetracked and discouraged and can feel a bit hopeless at times. But I love seeing people just simply CHOOSE to go after what they want, especially when it is in the health and weight loss department. It’s a choice that will positively effect each of us for the rest of our lives! We will never regret choosing to take care of ourselves…but we almost always regret it when we don’t.  The majority of our success comes from simply making the DECISION.

Matt decided that he wanted to get back into shape like he used to be and he definitely does NOT regret his choice! Matt has seen amazing results and I hope you are encouraged that you can too!


“Prior to getting started on Shaklee 180 nutrition and BurstClub.com workouts, I was a college graduate who took a job in a new city. I was eating poorly and slowly putting on weight.  This was extremely frustrating for me as a former Division I athlete.  It was tough to stay in shape because I did not have the luxury of required Strength & Conditioning 4 days a week.  My collegiate workout regimens kept me in shape but required a ton of time.

Since starting this program, I have lost 15 pounds and have built more lean muscle than ever before.

If you are looking to lose weight, feel better, and improve your overall health and fitness I highly suggest Shaklee 180 as well as BurstClub.com!

“It has been an amazing journey for me and I am so thankful to have found something that get results…in far less time!!”

Matt – Tennessee


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You can be the NEXT one!! We are looking for people who want results. We want to help you achieve your goal.  Get your 180 started today like Matt and so many others have. It’s 100% guaranteed!


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