7 Benefits of Burst Training

//7 Benefits of Burst Training

Burst training has been proven to yield many benefits beyond what you might think of when you embark on a new exercise routine.   Most of us take up working out to shed a few pounds or change our shape.  But did you know there are other benefits you can receive…if you do the right type of fitness.


7 Benefits to Burst Training


1.  Research shows that this type workout is easier on the body than hours of steady, moderate intensity exercise.


2.  Burst Training has also been proven to reduce inflammation in the body.


3.  Incorporating burst type training can make running long distances a lot easier because it is proven to increase your cardiovascular health.


4.  Burst training may also improve your mood


5.  Bursting enhances your immunity


6.  Promotes good HDL cholesterol


7.  Even regulates blood pressure


Now doesn’t that sound much easier than working out for hours or taking multiple medications to try and alleviate all of these issues?


Experience BURST training for yourself and tell me what changes you see.   After bursting for one  year with BURSTClub I ran a mile in 5:45.  I haven’t done that since sixth grade!!



 Check out the incredible results of these studies:


Cardiovascular Improvement with Burst Training


Journal of Applied Physiology – Feb 10th, 2005. (Learn More)

This study tested the effectiveness of Burst Training on the cardiovascular system. Subjects of average beginning fitness levels performed 16 minutes of high-intensity sprinting over a two-week period. When retested after two weeks, endurance had doubled.

Sprint Training Increases Endurance

Journal of Applied Physiology; Vol. 102, No. 4, April 2007: 1439-1447 (Learn More)
This study compared two groups to see whether sprint training would increase endurance. Researchers asked eight college-age men and women, Group A, to sprint for 30 seconds, and then either stop or pedal gently for four minutes.
After only two weeks of this interval training, 75 percent of Group A doubled their endurance. Group B did regular cardio, with no interval training, and showed no improvement in endurance. The marked improvement in the interval training group was even more startling because the volunteers were already fairly fit.

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