A Healthy Pregnancy: Where Do I Start?

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There must be something in the water!  It seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant!  This is such an exciting time, yet it invokes questions and concerns as well.

Recently I’ve been asked multiple questions in regards to pregnancy and which vitamins are “safe” to take during that time.  As women, we have an innate desire to protect and to do what is best for our children.  That desire has fueled me and many other women to investigate what we were putting in our bodies, as well as what nutrients we needed.   So as far as the safety of vitamins while you’re pregnant, here are a few thoughts. Many of you reading this may already know these things, so I’m not trying to “insult your intelligence!”  All I know is, the vitamins I was given by my doctor for a prenatal, ATE THROUGH A PLASTIC CUP!! If that’s not an eye-opener, I don’t know what is!!  What I used during my pregnancies was safe, 100% natural with nothing bad added (no colors, artificial sugars, or preservatives), and SO SIMPLE!!!  It’s simplified my life and kept me feeling strong. Not to mention my recovery time was so quick…..which is probably why I had 4 babies in 6 years. Shaklee helped me bounce back really quickly.

If you are not pregnant right now, but have had children and are looking for ways to “recover” from all that your body goes through in this wonderful process, click here to see how to rebuild your body after birth.  

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Where Do I Start??

These are 2 basic and foundational supplements I’d tell any pregnant woman to use. It’s a simple solution to one of the most important times in your life!!  Changing brands can truly change your life.  It did for me!!

1.Vitalizer for Women

(I used this in place of my prenatal; it offered me SO much more!!)

2. Energizing Protein or Shaklee 180 Protein

(Shaklee 180 Protein is my personal favorite because it kept me full longer and it tells the body to build lean muscle, something most pregnant women watch fly out the window as they grow larger and larger. I believe this was a huge factor for fast muscle recovery in my stomach, as well as keeping me from gaining too much pregnancy weight.  180 also helped me maintain strong stomach muscles which came in handy for pushing. I never pushed more than 3 times with any of my children but 1).

Continued in A Healthy Pregnancy – Tips 1 & 2



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