35 and Hotter Than Ever!

//35 and Hotter Than Ever!

Today is a very special day…Nathan turned 35!  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been married almost 10 years, have had 4 children together and gone through so much “life” already!  Nathan has been a solid rock in our family. I don’t think I knew what self-less, unconditional love looked like until I married Nathan. He has walked through the darkest times of life with me and never given up. He has fought for our family when many would have walked away.  He is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally, yet he is the kindest, most gentle person I know. This is evidenced every day as he interacts with our 2 girls, Micaiah (9) and Eden (7).  It takes a special man to father little girls well and he is the best dad!  Then he switches gears to warrior and wrestling man with little Asher (3).  Nathan works harder than anyone I know and is always full of faith.  His faith kept me taking one step forward at a time after we lost our son and I didn’t even think I could get out of bed each day.   I am the most blessed woman in the world to have been chosen by such an amazing man of integrity.

Ok, now that I got all the mushy gushy stuff out of the way, it’s time to spice things up a bit.

Nathan has made 35 the new 25.  We got married when he was 25 and I was 21 and I have to say, I thought he was hot then, but WHOOOOAAA!!  Now he is even HOTTER! 😉  I put his before and after pictures here so you can see the difference from just 5 years ago.

What’s his secret? The combination of  3 Minutes of exercise a day  plus a shake that takes 30 seconds to make help him stay a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!  When Nathan started using this protein shake, combined with this exercise program, he dropped 23 lbs in 1 month.   He had always worked out at the gym, run, and eaten healthy.  So what changed?  What made the difference?

1. He got serious.  He made a decision about what he wanted and got serious about it.

2. He found a more effective and efficient way to do things.  Nathan and I both spent tons of time at the gym or running.  We felt like our life was revolving around it.  We still love both, but needed something quick and highly effective to give us the same results.   And when it came to nutrition, Nathan realized that although he was trying to eat healthy, his body needed some help to tell it what to do…BURN FAT!

So the perfect combination for he and I both has been BurstClub and Shaklee 180.  Neither of us have gained back the weight we lost and we haven’t had to kill ourselves to keep it off!  This area of our life has become very simple, just by doing the right things!  It takes hardly any time at all, and it works!


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