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I am always looking for ways to stay active.  Statistics show that people who are more active during the day live 2-5 years longer than those who are more sedentary.  I think for most of us, it’s not just about living longer –  but living healthier.  I want to feel good every day – don’t  you?

Having lived years of my life in chronic pain from fibromyalgia I know how devastating it is to wake up in the morning and hurt too bad to get out of bed or be too tired to do anything active.

So when I write about moving your body it’s because it is a core value of mine.  Our human nature tends to not appreciate things as much until they are not available.  As an athlete growing up I know I didn’t appreciate the simple act of walking, squatting, or jogging until I went through a season of not being able to do those things without pain.

I’m grateful every day that I wake up and feel good.  On the rare days now that I don’t, I push through it to do some of these 30 things on this list and before I know it I’m feeling better.

Whether you feel like moving today or not, I encourage you to do it!  These 30 tips you can make your day a little more active, help you burn a few more calories, and in turn, empower you to live a lot healthier.

Sometimes we think we have to make massive changes in our life to see any impact.  But that’s not the case.   Something as simple as standing for 2-3 hours a day versus sitting for that same amount of time increases calorie burning and you will burn 8 lbs. of fat in a year – just from standing up a little more!

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get moving!


30 Ways to Be More Active


1.  Pace.  When you’re on the phone get up and walk around instead of sitting still.

2.  Park further away.  Look for the spot in the parking lot that will require you to take a few more steps.

3.  Be your own dishwasher.  Instead of running the dishwasher tonight, stand and wash them yourself.  Standing on your feet keeps you active, burns more calories, and you’ll even save water and electricity.

4.  Take more steps.  Wear a pedometer to track your steps. Aim for 10,000 (or 5 miles) a day to keep you active and moving!

5.  Take the stairs.  Go up and down the stairs instead of the elevator, escalator, or any other machine that moves your body for you.  You’ll burn more calories and avoid the lines!


6.  Pack walking shoes.  When you go to the office pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes that you can slip on at lunch or break time and go for a walk.

7.  Stand while you work.  Rather than sitting at your desk stand at a counter or high desk with your laptop or paperwork.  Standing burns more 50 calories more per hour than sitting.  Over a year, that adds up to about 30,000 more calories or 8 pounds of fat.

“If you want to put that into activity levels, then that would be the equivalent of running about 10 marathons a year. Just by standing up three or four hours in your day at work.”  – Dr. John Buckley, University of Chester

8.  Cook your own dinner.  Standing in the kitchen to follow a recipe and make a homemade meal will burn more calories than ordering takeout.  Plus you will probably eat healthier.

9.  Don’t use the Drive-Thru.  Hours a day are spent sitting in the car stuck in traffic and waiting in lines.  Avoiding drive-through lines and walking inside to pick up your goods can cut this drastically.

10.  Workout in the morning.  Squeeze in 10-15 minutes every morning.  BURSTClub provides quick 15 minute workouts you can do before work or while the kids eat breakfast.

11.  Carry more weight.  At the store use a basket and your muscles instead of the shopping cart. Pick up your kids for hugs and snuggles often – even if they think they are too big to be held.

12.  Exercise on “pit stops.”  When you travel, take 2-3 minutes to stretch, do some squats, or even jog or sprint in the parking lot.

13.  Ride your bike.  40 percent of trips in the car are made to a destination only 2 miles away.  Conserve resources and get exercise at the same time!

14.  Small BURSTs go a long way.  Even if you already worked out, look for opportunities to do a quick 20 second BURST of pushups, squats, or sprints in place.  You’ll keep your metabolism revved for hours.

15.  Walk the dog.  In spite of doggie doors and fenced in yards that allow you pet to come and go as he pleases, you both could use the extra steps.

16.  Plan an active vacation.  Look for hiking trails, water sports, and quaint towns to walk around.  There are lots of ways to stay active on vacation and still relax!

17.  BURST after a long commute. If you have a long commute to work every day make the first thing you do after getting out of your car 20 seconds of something active to get your circulation going again.  Try squatting up and down as quickly as you can, jumping jacks, or high knees.

18.  Redefine Date-Night.  No one says it always has to be dinner and a movie.  Eat at home and find a trail to hike, a park to walk around, miniature golf, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, or dancing.

19.  Create a jammin’ playlist.  Download music you can’t sit still to. Dance around the house, with your kids, at the office, or around your neighborhood!

20.  DIY projects.  Rather than paying for someone to come fix that broken faucet or paint the bathroom, doing it yourself will burn more calories and you’ll feel a sense of pride at a job well done!

21.  Do yard work.  Raking leaves, pulling weeds, fertilizing, and mowing your lawn can all be done by hand rather than using labor-saving devices like leaf blowers and riding mowers.

mow lawn

22.  Clean your house.  Even if you have a housekeeper, straighten things daily.  Bending, squatting, and walking will benefit you and you’ll feel more peaceful when things are in their place.

23.  Choose the long route.  Instead of rushing to your destination, give yourself a couple extra minutes and take the longer route through the mall or grocery store.

24.  Dress comfortably.  Whenever possible, wear shoes and clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move.  You’re less likely to walk or move if your clothes feel stuffy and your shoes hurt your feet.

25.  Break up late night working.  If you have to pull a late work night break it up with a couple minutes of exercise.  Doing a round or two of BURSTClub exercises will get your heart and blood pumping and maximize your brain power.

26.  Workout at your desk.  Just because you are desk bound doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary.  Incorporate wall push-ups, chair dips, and squats –all while sitting at your desk!

27.  Wear your baby.  It is easier to push your child in a stroller but wearing them requires you to use muscle and effort and will in turn burn more calories.

28.  Wash your car.  Take time on a sunny afternoon to wash and vacuum your car by hand.

29.  Play active games with your kids.  Freeze tag, duck-duck goose, and red rover are classics.  Or just Jump on the trampoline, play catch, or kick a soccer ball.  If you’re brave, organize a game a kickball with the neighborhood kids.

30.  Take a family walk.  Make a habit of walking every evening after dinner with your family.  If  you are going to catch up on each others day anyway, why not be moving?


What do you do to stay active every day?  I’d love to hear from  you!

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