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Do you go through the day in pain? Maybe you’ve grown so accustomed to that nagging pain in your back or knee that you’ve come to accept it as “normal.”  I lived this way for many years.  I struggled with fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.  Sadly, pain was an all-to-familiar part of my day.

With the wear and day of daily life, sitting too long in one place (those days where you get stuck in front of the computer screen) and then adding on a workout, you may just feel plain “beat up” some days.  This can affect whether or not you even feel like doing a workout.  I get it.  You’re tired and hurting, and the thought of exerting yourself just made your head pound more.


ut it doesn’t have to be that way…

I found Egoscue at a critical point of my health and fitness journey. I was pushing through the pain and finding a way to manage through a workout, but I (and my family) paid the price later because I usually had a headache, was exhausted, and couldn’t function by a certain time of the day.   I was hurting and needed to know that every day for the rest of my life wasn’t going to involve PAIN.

I’m ecstatic to tell you PAIN is a thing of my past–I don’t have any symptoms of fibromyalgia and rarely ever get a headache anymore.  Now, here’s the thing.  No one thing is a “magic bullet.”  There were actually several things that helped me get out of that season of extreme pain.  Nathan and I believe that because we are 3 part-beings (body, soul, and spirit) you have to deal with all 3 pieces of the puzzle when there is something going on in one area.  Science shows this too.

Reports show that 93% of all hospitalizations are self-induced.

In other words, the majorty of sick people who have been diagnosed with some very long “ism” are sick in the BODY because of something going on in their SOUL–i.e. STRESS!  What happens in one part of you affects the others.

So for me, a healthy, pain free body came through putting all the pieces of the “healthy lifestyle” puzzle together…one piece at a time.  I began to focus my eating on ALIVE, healthy food, changed my style of exercise from pounding the pavement for hours on end to shorter, more intense workouts, fed my body bio-available, natural supplements to make up for what my food was lacking, found an incredible chiropractor, and stumbled upon John and the Egoscue method.

After 8 sessions with John and the Egoscue method, I was a new person.  I felt a difference after the very first session.  I’d show you my before and after pictures of how much my posture changed from simple little exercises, but I’m too embarrassed. 🙂

Let’s just say I never knew that having a foot that turned out to the right a little bit could be the culprit for many of my migraine headaches!!

What is Egoscue?

Pronounced (ee-GOS-que) and considered the World Leader in Non-Medical Pain Relief, this revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain is deeply rooted in the belief that your body will never let you down. Your design isn’t flawed, your posture is.

Egoscue puts you back in the driver’s seat of your health with a series of gentle corrective exercises, called e-cises, tailored exclusively for you.  These are great after a workout, a day at the office, or after traveling! This custom therapeutic approach brings your posture back into balance, returns your body to proper function, and helps eliminate pain.

3 Reasons I Love Egoscue and Believe it Helps Improve Your Workout:

1. Puts your health back into your own hands

Have you ever bent over to pick something up and on the way back up something happens in your back?  It shoot fire up and down your spine. You know it’s not good.  You hobble to the couch like a helpless child and lay there hoping to be rescued. You deliberate about what to do.  Do I call the doctor?  No, he won’t be able to help. But he could give me a shot for the pain (bad idea! Get that thought out of your head right now!).  I could drive to the chiropractor, but I don’t think I can drive myself.  What do I do?

This is the perfect moment to do Egoscue.  It puts health back in your hands by teaching and equipping you with postural alignment exercises that are custom tailored to your body to improve the areas  you need the most work on.  Getting your spine in alignment makes everything else in your body function properly.   A body that is function properly, is one that stays moving!

By putting your health in your own hands and giving you control of “correcting” the problem when it arises, you can get back to your workout in no time!  No need to lay on the couch moaning for 3 more days! (I’ve been there…it’s no fun).

2. It works

According to John’s site here are a few things Egoscue helps with:

The Egoscue Method provides simple and effective pain relief for numerous ailments, such as: headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, and many other types of joint pain. We also specialize in sports performance helping athletes return to competition pain free and without fear of future injury.

I can tell you from personal experience, that this stuff works!  Whether it’s one session or 8, it doesn’t matter. You will get a menu of “e-cises” to do every day for the next week or two.  Every time I do my menu, I feel muscles activated that haven’t been used for awhile!

Did you know that even though you might have muscles and seem strong your body learns to compensate for posture misalignment?  When it does this certain small muscles are overused, while others are never used.

When I first visited John, I was embarrassed that the “Burst Queen,” as he called me, couldn’t do the simplest exercises he had me do even though I can pump out 30 push-ups and pull-ups like it’s nothing.  It wasn’t long before we “woke up” those muscles and that’s when I started to feel better!

3. Can be Done Anytime, Anywhere

You may know by now I’m a huge fan of things that can be done anytime, anywhere, especially exercise.  I don’t like being dependent on a facility or a piece of equipment.  I didn’t even like being limited to needing to find a place to run for miles.  Now I can do a workout anywhere.  I work at Barnes and Noble quite often and I will take breaks in between my work to go to the restroom and do a few sets of Monkey Jumps, Stationary Sprints, and Bicep Curl Squats.  Hey, it may sound funny to be “bursting” in the bathroom, but that short 1 minute of exercise gives me the adrenaline boost I need to keep going!

So the fact that I can take my menu with me anywhere and access it on my phone is great!! We recently went to Paris, France. I was the crazy girl standing at the back of the plane with the stewardesses doing my Egoscue exercises.  I don’t know about you but long plain or car rides and me never used to get along very well. I’d arrive at my destination with low back pain and a pounding headache.

But now that I have taken my health back into my own hands, am equipped with something that works, and can do this anytime, anywhere, I’m ready to fly around the world!  I’ve traveled more in the last 2 years than in my whole life.  And I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been.  John and Egoscue have been an important piece of the pain-free life that I am experiencing right now.

You can contact John for more information at 615-771-8556.  He even has a really cool Skype-consultation set up if you are long distance and don’t live in the Nashville area.   Don’t let location limit you!  If you’re tired of feeling bad and want to get rid of pain so you can get out there and kick butt and take names on your workouts again, give him a call!


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    Lana Seyller 08.02.2014
    • Lana, I made sure you are on the list!!! If you would like the E-Book still, send me an email at info@burstclub.com since your email was already on file and I’ll make sure to get that to you.

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