Thoughts on Prevention

//Thoughts on Prevention

A topic we are passionate about is nutrition and how building the immune system can really make a big difference in your life. There are some facts that we have learned over the years of studying how to build healthy bodies that have pushed us more toward the Prevention way of doing things, rather than the Medical way.  Our family is in no way negative towards doctors. We love them and need them.  We just have seem the great benefits the medical world has to offer being sadly misused by so many, and in the end, it has seemed to cost some of them the very thing they seemed to be pursing…good health.  This may not be true of every individual or every situation.  However, here are some facts that have helped us decide to pursue good health through nutrition.

The reality is the Medical Model is not working.  The facts are that the U.S. is dead last out of 42 countries in health yet we spend more on medicine and health care every year than all these countries combined. In a recent article from TIME Magazine’s health addition, it is shown that the Prevention Model (through nutrition and good supplements) is much cheaper over the long haul than it is for Medical Model approach and it is better for you.

The facts also prove that prevention through good nutrition does work. Cal State Berkley did an independent study on Shaklee, the company we partner with, because it is the number one nutrition company in the U.S. and they wanted to see if what we have actually works! They followed supplement takers for 20 years.

Here are the results of the CalState Berkley study.  And these are FACTS after 20 long years! Those who took Shaklee supplements were in markedly better health. Those who took cheap brands were actually WORSE off than those who took none because of the harmful additives in cheap or processed vitamins.

  • The typical American between 50-65 is on an average of 7.6 prescription drugs
  • The typical American over 65 is on an average of 19 prescription drugs *The typical Shaklee user over 65 is on an average of .6 prescription drugs­­­–Less than 1!

So the facts do show that prevention through nutrition DOEprescriptiondrugsS make healthier people. We are not sick b/c our bodies are deficient in Nexium or Claritin or any other drug. I’m not saying the use of all medicine is bad and in crisis it does save lives. However, getting people hooked on drugs or yearly vaccinations for life is not healing the ROOT of the problem. It is sucking them into a model that will leave them sicker and possibly kill them. Another fact is that the #1 cause of death in the U.S. is not heart disease or cancer. Those are #2 and #3. The #1 cause is Medicine (over use, malpractice, etc.). When the Doctors in CA went on strike last year, the death toll actually went down! Those are statistics we can all find and read for ourselves. Statistics and studies don’t lie!

When I was little, if I heard someone had cancer it was shocking! Now it is as common as hearing someone has a cold. Why? Because we are putting things in our body that it was never intended to have! Our family has chosen a different way and the proof truly is in the pudding.  Nutrition and the authority God has given us as believers over sickness and disease has changed our lives. We have chosen, for our everyday living, to not be a part of the Medical Model cycle. We will only use it as necessary.

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