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We instill hope for a better future by partnering with individuals to transform their families and design their lives through building and maintaining their business; using simple and natural health solutions; and developing personally.

Get Healthy

Get Healthy

It’s easy to become hopeless about your health and fitness.  But we provide simple and natural health design plans that will get you thriving again!

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As one of the top leaders in our network, we’ve helped 1000s of people to identify their dreams and achieve their family, financial, and future goals.

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Overcome limiting mindsets and behaviors so you can experience abundant life & connection in your personal life, family, faith, and business.

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Do you want to design your health, fitness, marriage, parenting, or financial future?  Come discover how you can live by design, and not by default.

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Who We Are

Equipping Families to Design Their Lives

  • 2 out of 3 people are overweight to obese
  • 98% of people live paycheck to paycheck
  • 97% of people who lose a child get divorced
  • Only a fraction of the population are crazy enough to work with their spouse

Don’t be a statistic or settle for sub-par in your health, finances, or family.  You have the power to do and be so much more!

And we can help you.


Good health is key to quality life & connections


Reach your dreams by helping others achieve theirs


Successful business flows out of a good marriage


Happy Customers


Businesses Built


Pounds Lost


Classes Taught

Our Core Values

Generational Impact

We believe that the work you do today will impact generations tomorrow.


We believe all business happens through relationships and networks.


We believe integrity is the foundation to building lasting success.

Working Together

We believe that husbands and wives can work together…and stay married!

Intentional Family

We believe that a faithful marriage and connected family are the result of being intentional.

Personal Development

We believe personal development is a non-negotiable for a healthy, whole life.


We believe strength of character and perseverance are forged through overcoming trials.


We believe that overcoming trials develops unshakable hope.

Unlimited Possibilities

We believe where there is hope, nothing is impossible and purpose can be realized.

HealthyOates Design Process

When you partner with us to design your future, we have a process we take you through from start to finish.  If you are looking to diversify your income, get out of debt, travel the world, or fund a dream, we can help you build a six figure business from home working spare time, part time, or full time.

So…what do you want and when would you like to have it?



Strengths, Interests, Goals, & Needs



Dreams & Vision for the Future



Plan of Action to Achieve Goals



Learn, Grow, & Be Empowered

Want to Work with Nathan & Jenni to Design Your Life?

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Do you want to design your health, fitness, marriage, parenting, or financial future?  Come discover how you can live by design, and not by default.